Bold Artifacts

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Bold Artifacts are special items that your hero may come across while questing. They can be sold for a higher price then normal artifacts but can also be made use of (see below). Your hero will not find these types of artifacts very often as they are quite rare.

List of Bold Artifacts

How to recognise

The names of these artifacts appear Bold.

How to use

You can tell your hero to examine one of these artifacts by putting the name of the artifact you wish him to examine between speech marks in a Voice of god message.

eg. Examine "portable photon generator"

If your hero chooses to listen, a variety of things could occur. Some will be beneficial to your hero, others will not be of any use. However, it's important to remember that your hero may not listen and so it may be necessary to send the same message to him again until he does. If the hero listens, commonly he will examine the bold item and find another item and gold within. Sometimes the hero will be confused and examine a non bold item with no results.

It is worth noting that a few Bold Artifacts have special uses...