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Bold Artifacts are special items that your hero may come across while questing. Your hero will not find these types of artifacts very often as they are quite rare, but as such, they fetch a higher price then normal artifacts at the merchant.
#REDIRECT [[Artifacts#Bold_Artifacts]]
''List of [[:Category:Bold Artifacts|Bold Artifacts]]''
=== How to recognise ===
The names of these artifacts appear '''Bold'''.
=== How to use ===
The god can urge the hero to use any bold artifact in precisely [[Artifacts#How to use|the same way]] as any other artifact; although there always is a chance the hero will lose (destroy, etc.) the artifact in question, so it doesn't make any sense to lose a bold (expensive) one when there are cheaper alternatives.
It is worth noting that a few Bold Artifacts have [[Activatable Artifacts|special uses]].

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