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The next election will be in September.


The Godville Developers have included a game feature that allows guilds to elect a 'guild leader' whose term lasts 4 months. This page is dedicated to providing Blue Feather members with information relating to Blue Feather elections of the past, present and future. Please, do not edit the page directly as this page is maintained by the Feather Council. If you would like to suggest changes please contact one of the council.

The Guild Leader's role in Blue Feather

The elected 'guild leader' is not the leader of the Blue Feather Guild. The name 'guild leader' was selected by the game developers and does not accurately reflect the role the elected member has within Blue Feather. To reduce confusion, the term used throughout this article to describe the person listed as the leader on the guild page will be elected representative or elected rep for sort.

The Blue Feather Guild is led by a group of people called the Feather Council who provide advice to maintain the culture Blue Feathers have come to enjoy. If the elected rep is not currently a Feather Council rep, they are given a position on the Feather Council for the duration of the elected rep's term. In addition to providing their voice to guild decisions, the elected rep's role on the Feather Council is to update the Guild Council (Chat Room) topic to reflect current events.

In addition to the chat room topic changing mentioned already, the game developers have given the elected rep the ability to change the guild's totem animal (currently the Arctic Firebird), rename the highest rank of Blue Feather members (currently 'phoenix'), and set the URL to connect the guild stats page to the correct forum thread.

I hear there's an election happening?

Much more detailed information on the mechanics of guild elections for any guild can be found on the generic Guild Leader wiki. This section is intended to provide a short summary of the portions that are of interest during Blue Feather elections.

Questions Answers
Where do I vote/nominate? See our guild's election page. It should be noted that it is not a secret ballot, your name will be visible next to the person you voted for. If this makes you feel a little squeamish, remember that by having your name displayed, the 'get out the vote' effort can focus on other people that haven't voted. It also shows that you are an active member of Blue Feather. Everyone is in the same position, so there are no hard feelings about who voted for who.
Who can vote? Any Blue Feather member of cardinal rank or higher.
Who can run? Any Blue Feather member of hierarch rank or higher.
How long is the term of office? 4 months
How does someone win? To win the election, a person must get more votes than the other nominee's AND 30% of the total eligible votes.
What does 30% of the eligible vote mean? That means if we have 450 eligible voters, one candidate needs at least 135 votes, no matter their lead, to have the candidate accepted as the new election rep. Otherwise the election cycle repeats.
What's this election cycle people refer to? Election cycles consist of one week of nominations, one week of elections and 4 months of having an active elected representative if elections go smoothly. If voter turnout is too low, a winner is not declared and the guild, within a short period of time, will go through another nomination and election step. The nominations/elections steps will continue to repeat until we finally elect a leader.
Why are people making a big deal about reminding people to vote? It can be tiring for the guild to go through the election cycle over and over, so ideally the first or second election cycle should be successful. Blue Feather is a large guild, so getting 30% of the eligible voters to cast a vote within a single week requires some diligent effort to succeed. It's been done before and other large guilds have managed too, so it's a point of pride to have a successful election.
I don't feel like voting because _____, so why should I vote? Voting takes very little time, no god power, and benefits the guild as a whole for 4 months. It keeps us competitive with other large guilds and ensures our chat topics can be used to update our membership. Because high voter turnout, not just a majority, is required to succeed, each person's vote really matters. Please show that you are an active member of the Blue Feather guild by voting.
Why are people being asked to change votes? Are we fixing the election? Sometimes, to avoid another election cycle and the work involved to get people to vote again in a few weeks time, candidates that feel they would not win may ask people that voted for them to change their votes to someone in the lead. This helps the candidate with the majority votes achieve 30% of the eligible vote.
I can't vote, how can I help? There are a few ways you can help during elections:
  • If you have some Godville invites and you don't mind using them for Blue Feather members, approach the members of the Feather Council and let them know you would like to help with the Private Message Campaign. They will let you know which high ranking members need to be friended and reminded to vote.
  • If you are in the Guild Council chat room (GC) and someone asks a about elections, you can send them a link to this page.
  • If you see any high ranking members in chat and they have not voted yet (you can see who has voted on the elections page), politely remind them to vote.
  • Ask one of the candidates that you would have voted for if they would like help campaigning.
I can vote, how can I help? Please vote! Other than that, you can support by working on the items listed under "I can't vote, how can I help?"
Anything else I should know? Have fun! Guild elections are about getting to know members in the guild better and should generate activity as well as lively, good-natured debates. Don't think of an election as Blue Feather members running against each other, think of it as several Blue Feather members are interested in being active in our guild and you get to help them do so. Just because it's election time, doesn't mean the respectful and fun chat we have come to enjoy should change. Feel free to get to know your candidates by asking them questions when you see them.

Next Election

The next election will be in April 2018

Past Election Results

In some cases more than one election cycle was needed to have a winning candidate. For brevity, only cycles that ended in a winning candidate are contributing to the count.

First Election

The elections component of the Godville game was released at the end of 2014 and Blue Feather elected GodArtsonian  as our first elected rep in January 2015.

Interesting Facts:

  • During this term the Blue Feather totem (Arctic Firebird) was selected. The Arctic Firebird was a runaway winner, especially after guild member GodPatrickK  wrote the wiki article for the monster, setting it up as an excellent totem animal. Other options were Saber Toothed Fairy, the Bird of Paradise, and the Feathered Boa Constrictor.
  • The highest rank (phoenix) was also selected during this term. It was a close race between phoenix and sapphire.
  • When the feature was originally launched, the term was only for 3 months instead of the current 4 months and 35% of the eligible vote was needed instead of the current 30%.

Second Election

The second election started at the end of April 2015 and Blue Feather elected GodArtsonian  for a second term in early June.

Third Election

The candidates, in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with several of the candidates, done by GodArivelle .

Fourth Election

The candidates, in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with several of the candidates, done by GodArivelle .

Fifth Election

The candidates, in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with several of the candidates, done by GodUrsina .

Sixth Election

The November 2016 election candidates in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with the candidates, done by GodArivelle .

Seventh Election

The March/April 2017 candidates in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with the candidates, done by GodThe Morrioghain 

Eighth Election

The August 2017 candidates in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with the candidate, done by GodArivelle 

Ninth Election

The December 2017/January 2018 candidates in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with the candidates, done by GodArivelle 

Tenth Election

The April 2018/May 2018 elections candidates in alphabetical order were:

You can read an interview with the candidates, done by GodArivelle