Blue Feather

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Blue Feather
Motto: The Freedom Within!
Alignment: Brightest
Gold Fund: 22, 487 c.u.
Date Founded: 8th June 2011
Town with Greatest Influence: San Satanos (12%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 3
Forum Headquarters: Blue Feather
Guild Page: Blue Feather 

If the emblem is not visible, click on the white space where it should be, and scroll down till you see it.


Welcome to the Blue Feather guild!

Blue Feather is a home for any and all Good aligned heroes, although all are free to join. Our core values are Kindness, Loyalty and Friendship. While there is much freedom within the guild, we ask that members strive to show these things to each other and the Godville community. Above all, we encourage our members to participate, share and have fun!

Rules & Regulations

  • The Blue Feather guild strongly encourages gentle, kind, righteous, virtuous, pure good and of course pure good!" heroes and heroines.
  • We strive to do good, absolutely no evil.
  • Anyone who is above the rank of chief master is greatly encouraged to advertise the Blue Feather guild by making friends, posting on Market etc...
  • Keep encouraging your hero in towns to help us maintain high levels of influence.
  • And remember always encourage our heroes!
Our marvelous guild hall.


Ok, so how do you actually go about joining Blue Feather? Easy. Just send this command to your hero:

Join the "Blue Feather" guild, my champion!

That should do the trick. If your hero does not listen, send it again until you get a response. It can take several tries, so persistence is the key! Your hero is most likely to listen when idle and not in a town.

It certainly helps by making friends with GodFeatherGuy  and GodDevwoman18 to enjoy the maximum benefits of joining this guild.

Reward Pack

Are there rewards for joining Blue Feather? Of course! Here's a list of rewards supplied by our guild:

  • Weapons and other equipment as free gifts!
  • Free treatment by guild doctors!
  • Sell artifacts at a higher price!
  • Get gold from guild profits!

Guild influence

Blue Feather has one of the highest influence rates in Godville. Our high influence percentages mean more benefits and rewards for our members. This has been achieved with the help of GodDevwoman18 . So, a big thanks to her!

The Unity pantheon only lists the top five towns where we hold influence, we also have a high influence in other towns like Godville and Beerburgh.

Served at one of our guild parties.


The Blue Feather guild was founded when a wandering hero picked up a shining blue feather from an ancient cave. His companions too, found the same shimmering feathers in a similar cave. They felt revitalized and swift, soon realizing that possessing the blue feather would give them healing auras.

They began a small group of their own, collecting and buying such feathers from any Heroes. Soon, the group became a famous guild and many Heroes had joined them in search of the rare feather.

The rare feather is believed to come from a maginficent bird called the Golden Phoenix. Nobody had seen the legendary phoenix with their own eyes, though. Also, why it sheds blue feathers instead of golden ones, nobody knows. (You'll have to ask the phoenix.)

Paper folding of the Golden Phoenix.

Honorable Members

This is a list of members that are important enough for their names to be truimphically put up here. Please contact GodFeatherGuy  if you want your name to be put up. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

Feather Council

The Feather Council is a group of high-ranking and highly important members that decides the most stuff. They are also largely responsible for the recruitment of guild newbies.

- Known as the "Silent leader" by a few, FeatherGuy is a righteous leader who likes to have a tall, frosty mug of premium green tea. He had braved many difficulties and hardships in creating and upholding a young guild, which at first was at the very bottom of the Unity pantheon, and now a bustling and active guild with high influences and unity number.

- One of the most active and motherly guild members in the forums, Devwoman18 had stuck through thick and thin with the guild. A "war" had almost crumbled her, but with a strong heart and numerous encouragements from guild members, she had managed to pull through. Now that she's on her feet again, Devwoman18 becomes the usual party organizer and swarming the forums with enthusiastic posts.

- Famous for her marvelous accounting skills, Justday was once the guild mathematician, keeping track of the members in the guild. Now she seems to be more interested in the forums, and had given valuable advice to the young recruits of the guild. Her specialty is her beverage truck and tall, frosty mugs which she willingly gives to anyone who requests.

- The almighty garret has been instrumental in recruiting new members to the guild periodically. Not a frequent visitor of the forums, The almighty garret is more inclined to lead a quiet, private life of his own. When he emerges into the public eye, he is well known for his fireworks.

Guild Officers

Guild Officers are the group of second highest rank in the guild. They are partially responsible for recruiting members.

- A group of cats always follow Catdragon, requesting her to feed them blue catnip and marshmallows. We had allow them to wander about in our guild hall, as long as they don't create trouble. But there was times things go awry, but Catdragon will solve it under 5 seconds, with a little catnip, of course.

- Not much is really known about this member, but one thing's for sure is that her appearances in the forums is uncountable. Evelynn Rose has stuck in our guild for some time already, and we really appreciate her contributions.

- Badmammajamma is one of the earliest member, in fact the second member, to join this guild. His history could be traced back to hours when the guild had just been formed. Although he rarely makes appearances in the forums, he is really well-known for his long standing and undying loyalty.

The Young Heroes

Those who had remained loyal and active, posted in forums, or simply tried to make contact with the guild are listed below...