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* {{ god |VenusDoom}}
* {{ god |VenusDoom}}
==There's more...==
There is more information about Blue Feather other than this page. You can...
* Make friends with {{god |FeatherGuy}} and {{god |Devwoman18}} to know more.
* Go to our forums: http://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/1303
* Go to our discussion page: http://wiki.godvillegame.com/index.php/Talk:Blue_Feather
We will be seeing you! =)

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Blue Feather
Motto: The Freedom Within!
Alignment: Brightest
Gold Fund: 21,871 c.u.
Date Founded: 8th June 2011
Town with Greatest Influence: San Satanos (15%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 25
Forum Headquarters: Blue Feather
Guild Page: Blue Feather 

If you the emblem is not visible, click on the white space where it should be, and scroll down till you see it.


Welcome to the Blue Feather guild! Ok, if you are not one of the personalities that is mentioned in the first rule, you are not very welcome. But everyone is free to roam and look at this guild.

We are one of the many law-abiding guild in Godville. We stick to the rules and do not disobey them. But this guild is not that strict. There is fun and enjoyment and many benefits if you join this guild.

Most importantly, there are 3 core values that we always stick to, even for newbies. They are Kindness, Loyalty and Friendship.

When your hero goes on a quest to switch guilds, encourage (but not praise) them and firmly tell them to stop it by saying: Stop quest!

Rules & Regulations

  • The Blue Feather guild is welcomed to gentle, kind, righteous, virtuous, pure good and of course pure good! heroes (and gods!)
  • We dislike evil guilds. We are bent on doing good, absolutely no evil.
  • Anyone who is above the rank of chief master is greatly encouraged to persuade and advertise Blue Feather guild either by making friends, posting on Market etc...
  • Keep encouraging your hero at these towns: Tradeburg and Trollbridge to have good influences with good towns.

Tip: Encourage when your hero is full health at a town & not selling loot.

  • And remember always encourage our heroes!


This guild always recruit new members. So members of Blue Feather, please keep a lookout for friends that is is need of a guild. Then persuade them to join. Ok, so how do you actually go about joining Blue Feather? Easy. Just send this to your hero:

Join the "Blue Feather" guild, my champion!

That should do the trick. If your hero does not listen, send it again until you get a response. It takes around 1-7 tries, so persistence is the key! You can boost the audacity of your voice by telling your hero when he is outside of a town, and when he's idle.

It certainly helps by making friends with GodFeatherGuy  and GodDevwoman18  to enjoy the maximum benefits of joining this guild.

Reward Pack

Are there rewards for joining Blue Feather? Of course! Here's a list of rewards supplied by our guild:

  • Weapons as free gifts!
  • Free treatment by guild doctors!
  • Sell artefacts at a higher price!
  • Get gold from guild profits!

Guild influence

Blue Feather have one of the most highest influence rate guilds in Godville. I can assure you that. Our guild influence is comparable to the famous guild, Knights who say Ni. And we have a few high influence on important towns like Tradeburg and Trollbridge. And all of this could be achieved with the help of GodDevwoman18 . So, a big thanks to her!

They also show the top 5 towns only, so we still have a high influence on other towns, like Godville and San Satanos.


The Blue Feather guild was founded when a wandering hero picked up a shining blue feather from an ancient cave. His companions too, found the same shimmering feathers in a similar cave. They felt revitalized and swift, soon realizing that possessing the blue feather would give them healing auras.

They began a small group of their own, collecting and buying such feathers from any Heroes. Soon, the group became a famous guild and many Heroes had joined them in search of the rare feather.

The rare feather is believed to come from a maginficent bird called the Golden Phoenix. Nobody had seen the legendary phoenix with their own eyes, though. Also, why it sheds blue feathers instead of golden ones, nobody knows. (You'll have to ask the phoenix.)

Golden Phoenix by Richi89.jpg

+Paper folding of the Golden Phoenix.+

Honorable Members

This is a list of members that are important enough for their names to be truimphically put up here. Please contact GodFeatherGuy  if you want your name to be put up. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

Feather Council

The Feather Council is a group of high-ranking and highly important members that decides the most stuff. Only the Feather Council can edit this page. They are also largely responsible for the recruitment of guild newbies.

Ranks: Guild Founder, Master of Feathery, Royal Advisor, Head Counciler

Ranks: Royal Teacher, Head Collector of Feathers, Head of Feathery

Ranks: Master of Sorcerory, Master of Healing and Purifying, Protector of Feathers

Ranks: Leader of Feathery, Emissary of Wisdom, Medic of Healing

Guild Officers

Guild Officers are the group of second highest rank in the guild. They have no power in editing this page and are partially responsible for recruiting members.

Ranks: Student of Feathery, Apprentice of Sorcery, Standing Commander

Ranks: Chief Guard, Student Purifier and Chemist

Ranks: Guild Engineer, Chief Mapper

The Young Heroes

The respectful and honoured members of Blue Feather are recognized here.