Blue-Toothed Mouse

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Monsters of Godville
Blue-Toothed Mouse
Mus bluetoothed
Class Mouse
Habitat Entire Godville
Description Mouse with bluetooth blue teeth.

The Blue-Toothed Mouse (Mus bluetoothed) is a small Monster that is a pest in all regions of Godville. It is notable for the pair of large blue teeth. It communicates through a short-range signal emitted from and to their pair of blue teeth that can transmit data or voice. By stabbing the desired victim with the one detachable tooth, it can forcibly extract or input information as long as the tooth remains attached. It is omnivorous and generally peaceful, unless hungry, then all blue-toothed mice in the region will exert excellent teamwork and communication to feast on the chosen victim.


The blue-toothed mouse is shaped and sized like the common household mouse, except with a hard upper body that resembles a plastic shell. Also except it has a pair of glowing red eyes that are permanently directed upward. Lastly except it has no foot and slithers around to move. It has no tail either. The mouth is hidden below its body under its hard shell, from which two large blue teeth protrude parallel to its muscled belly. Sometimes a blue-toothed mouse is found with only one tooth, having lost its detachable one. Its gum has 300 spaces for teeth.

Social Behavior

With telepathic means of communication, the blue-toothed mouse has complex social behavior. Almost like a dolphin, but less rapey. All blue-toothed mice in a region always cooperate to get food and tell each other which houses have mouse-traps.

A blue-toothed mouse pair for life. It forms a pair-bond by exchanging their detachable teeth. When a pair-bonded blue-toothed mouse dies, the partner stops moving and soon dies as well. There have been recorded cases of slavery among the blue-toothed mouse - if the blue tooth exchange isn't mutual and one mouse is left with only one tooth, said mouse loses its conscious mind and moves around at the whim of the other mouse.

Despite having no hand, foot or even tail, the blue-toothed mouse always finds a way to open even the most high-end jars and eat the food or prized beer-candies inside. Cryptozoologist theorized that these mice use mind control through the blue tooth and make more handed creatures open the jars for them. This has not been proved as no one can remember anything of a blue-toothed mouse attack after the blue tooth is removed from them.


Contrary to everyone's expectation, the "Blue-Toothed" name is not literal. It is taken from 10th-century Blue-Toothed Mouse King named Marald Blue-Toothed, who was said to unite disparate, warring regional factions of blue-toothed mice. In fact, during the time of King Marald Blue-Toothed, colors hadn't been named. The words "blue", "tooth", and the suffix "-ed" actually came from the blue-toothed mouse king's name.

During the 10th-century the entire Godville was caught in the war of blue-toothed mice. All blue-toothed mice competed to have more and more pinkies to aid their factions in war, thus depleting Godville of food. All mortals were on the verge of extinction by starvation. To prevent having to swap existing monsters for sub-par monster ideas from the Ideabox just to fill up the realm, The Monster God chose Marald Blue-Toothed as Monster Hero. Marald Blue-Toothed won over detachable teeth from all 298 faction leaders and made them its slaves. Kingdom of Blue-Toothed Mouse that it created brought humans and monsters (but mostly monsters and leastly humans) alike back from ruins to prosperity. Since the day Marald Blue-Toothed became king, all blue-toothed mouse pairs are limited to Twelve-pinkies-per-season Policy.

To this day it remains a long-standing debate among crypto-historians whether King Marald Blue-Toothed had all teeth space in its gum filled: by exchange with a female blue-toothed mouse or by keeping its own detachable tooth; or Marald Blue-Toothed had one empty tooth space on its gum after sacrificing its own detachable tooth to Monster God. The Kingdom of Blue-Toothed Mouse had fallen with Marald Blue-Toothed's death and clearly, the scattered blue-toothed mice have no intention of building it again, regardless of regular cases in all regions of Godville where a hero screams something along the lines of "I will find the rightful heir of King Blue-Toothed! He shall rule Godville forever more!" while being afflicted with a blue tooth.



  • Small and agile
  • Highly adaptable, isn't a fussy eater
  • Mind control through blue tooth
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Shell causes lego-like pain on foot that steps on it


  • You can kill two mice for every one pair-bonded blue-toothed mouse killed
  • Fat blue-toothed mouse loses its belly muscle and can't slither, must flop around to move
  • The bluetooth information transmission works two ways, so the confuddled mind of a hero can confuse the attacking blue-toothed mouse
  • A shout of "Isn't that the heir of Marald Blue-Toothed?!" can always buy a hero enough time to flee
  • If a hero collects one tooth from many blue-toothed mouse individuals and put them on a metal plate, a bolt of lightning can brain-fry them all at once
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