Blind Gorgon

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Pets of Godville
Blind Gorgon
Blind Gorgonpc.jpeg
Strong Monster
Class Gorgon
Habitat Caves and dungeons
Description Descendants of the Queen Gorgon Medusa, of Greek mythology
Tame at levels 100-150
Features Dungeon

In the Ancient Greek mythology, Gorgons are terrifying monsters that are turned into snake women by the goddess Athena after Medusa had an affair with Poseidon in one of her sacred temples. The Blind Gorgon (Gorgonusian) is a descendant of those Gorgons.

General Information

The vast majority of Blind Gorgon are female, as the male genetic makeup is recessive, and the females display great hostility towards their male counterparts, and usually kill them. Not truly "blind" per se, but the term originates from the fact that they lack the ability to truly turn their victims to stone with their gaze. Although, in combat, many have had the psychological belief that they have turned to stone.

The Blind Gorgon is, like their ancestors, a female-appearing humanoid with snake-like characteristics, most specifically, their "hair." The average overall length of an adult female is 12 to 15 feet, and their upright torso is usually carried about 5 feet off the ground. Unlike their ancestors, most Blind Gorgons have facial features some consider "atttactive", which can have a slight paralyzing effect on combatants of the opposite gender.

Blind Gorgons dwell predominantly in caves and dungeons. They have excellent vision in darkness, and are thus capable fighters in such settings. They are armed with sharp teeth, and their bite is toxic, causing extreme pain and localized tissue necrosis if not treated quickly. They are typically armed with short bladed weapons, preferring close quarters combat, as would be typical in the tight quarters of caves and dungeons. The snake-like appendages on their heads are not venomous, but are used to grab and hold their victims, allowing the Blind Gorgon to bite. The lower half of their body is snake-like, and is used in a constrictor fashion, to hold and squeeze their opponent.


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