Black hole punch

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Use with great caution...

A Black hole punch is an Artifact of wyrd and eldritch power.

This is a useful and reasonably innocuous tool. It can be found and bought and sold and used with no danger what-so-ever.

  • It can be used to punch holes in leather boots to make bootlace holes.
  • It has often been used by heavy metal Heroes to punch holes in their leather armor to add shiny metal studs - I did indeed see a Hero walking down the street of Herowin proudly flaunting a leather cape reading "Live Fats, Die Yo Gnu" on the back. I remarked upon his superior workmanship, fine wit and language skills. He advised that he didn't think it was spelled quite right because he had to keep turning it over to check his work and it might have got it a bit muddled - but he was very happy with it.

All this is well and good except if some fool is foolish enough to foolishly use this Artifact at 11:59 pm om All Hallows Eve. This would be foolish indeed. It's in the manual. It's even engraved underneath. Any sage or mage or experienced shopkeeper will tell you. "Don't be a fool" they say, they exort, they warn and they entreat.

For it is written that this one and only misuse of the Black hole punch will have dire consequences. There's nothing further to say - just don't do it. It is writ in ancient lore that all of Godville reality will suffer the dreaded and feared Great Darkness known only as the "Reboot".

You were warned !
  • As seen in the Godville Times #1646

Day 1892. It seems a black hole punch makes a perfect hiding place for a trader's soul. There's a great deal of money to be had from shopkeepers searching for redemption.