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The Bipolar Bear (Ursus biadfectus "two emotion bear") is a tamable monster of a constantly changing personality.

This cute and endearing animal may seem to be the most adorable monster you'll ever kill... Do not be fooled - it is a highly dangerous killer.

The Bipolar Bear changes personalities constantly, directly affecting this beast's fighting capabilities. For example: when it's mad, its attacks become very powerful and are delivered with speeds that greased lightning would envy. When sad, it gets very defensive and extremely hard to kill. When happy, it becomes more agile, treading ground at an unsettling speed. The strength of its emotion dictates how much of a boost it receives.

At first glance, heroes see a small, cuddly, furball of happiness. As they get closer to pet it, the monster within unleashes on the unsuspecting hero and he/she must fight to survive. Also, very rarely, these monsters may develop a respect for the hero and may want to become his/her companion. Such heroes are very lucky and should take the utmost care of their new pet.


The Bipolar Bear was accidentally created when a man in Tradeburg used a cursed Herowinian coin at a wishing well in an exotic restaurant to wish for a woman that loved him forever. This coin caused all wishes to go bad. Later when a girl named Audrey wished for her teddy bear to start talking, it turned true and turned the bear into a Bipolar Bear.



  • Once the Bear has been tamed as a pet, it can be ridden
  • Very hard to sneak up on due to it having two heads
  • Can move surprisingly fast despite its shambling appearance - although it quite often just ends up running in circles


  • Has great difficulty making up its mind on which direction to go and which enemy to attack
  • Is always at war with itself on whose turn it is to eat

Field Notes

  • Our Northern agent took this image of two Bipolar bears wrestling. He was enjoying the spectacle so much that he crept closer to watch... or so we gathered from his blood stained notebook.


  • A true Bipolar Bear heading East, no West, no East...

Bipolar bear.png

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