Biological Nightmare

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Monsters of Godville
Biological Nightmare
Class Animal
Habitat Dark Woods, Old Trees, and Swamps
Description An experimental gorilla who feeds from bad karma

"To experiment with life, it is to experiment with death's brother" - Gabriel Garcia, The Curse of Man

The Biological Nightmare (Biologicum somnum) is a common monster that inhabits the plains further away from Dogville in the Dark Woods.

At first, the Biological Nightmare was a normal gorilla; it spent its time eating bananas and socializing with other gorillas and teaching karma to nearby travelers, but it was taken to a secret research facility underground in Beerburgh to test its social skills and academic karma.

Through trial and error over hundreds of experiments, the scientists placed basic socialistic people by the gorilla could it explain, step-by-step, how karma works and how it can life and the environment. Still there was no success because most of the people who volunteered would either come out saying a whole bunch of nice things and be freakishly nice or just come out with absolutely no idea of what happened.

The gorilla grew angrier and angrier and frustrated and even more frustrated because he considered that it was not fair to be captive and it would be a lot easier if they would let him go, but they didn't. After each experiment, they decided that it would be best to go out and try it on another gorilla, so they went out in search of another, but they never came back!

Night after night, the gorilla would talk to itself and feed on the bad karma they left him. It fed and it fed and it grew in size from a mere 6 ft to about 13 ft tall! One night, it grew hungry. So hungry that it did a huge mistake; it decided to feed on a huge bad karma that promised him more power, and so he did and it gave him two more arms! After three years of bad karma feeding they came back . . . and to their surprise he was out of his cell waiting for them, you can imagine what happened to them . . . if you don't want to feel ill, I'll tell you anyways, he ate them. One by one. It was said that they where 98 of them and only 2 escaped! And to this day, it gets stronger and stronger. Its extremely hard to defeat...


  • Obviously really tall
  • Super Strength
  • Very soft- Hugging not recommended
  • Feeds on Bad Karma- Calling names not recommended.


  • Being super nice
  • If you give him a present it will leave you alone
  • Sometimes, bananas may distract it