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About Bilous

Worshipped by: Violet Bottler

The "Oh God of Hangovers" - created as a result of the surplus belief in existence after the 'death' of the Hogfather - who gets all of the bad effects of drinking even though he has never touched a drop.

His believers, if they can be called as such, are the people who wake up after a night's drinking and moan "oh god...", as they suffer from a hangover. Bilious continuously suffered from severe hangover, with headache, nausea, vision problems, fainting, and more. He looked like a young man with the classical toga, but his toga used to be colorful with bits of things that have come up out of him that he has not eaten or drunk the night before. Although hangovers are common, he is relatively minor among the gods.

However, if Violet's interest in Bilious was as shallow as the Senior Wrangler's interest in the Cheerful Fairy, who did disappear, Bilious may've suffered the same fate. It is also known that the Eater of Socks has survived in the Unseen University so there is a chance that Bilious is still around.

He used to have a supreme dislike of people who drink heavily, especially if they don't appear to suffer from a hangover the next day; understandably so, since the reason that they have not, in fact, suffered a hangover, is because he has suffered it instead. He hates most the god of wine, Bibulous, who is probably not even aware of Bilous's existence and is quite probably the main contributor to Bilous's hangovers.

Bilous decided to drop his duties as the Oh God of Hangovers - aided by a hangover cure (composed of many things, including Wow-Wow Sauce) created by Unseen University - and became holiday relief for other gods. He also began trying to date one of the many Tooth Fairies and still exists because of her belief in him.

Unfortunately this Tooth Fairy - named Violet Bottler - turns out to be(come) a heavy drinker. Even worse: She tries to be a Heroine.

About Violet Bottler

Builder 2nd.png Champion 2nd.png Favorite 2nd.png Saint 2nd.png Invincible 3rd.png Hunter 3rd.png Coach 3rd.png Animalist 3rd.png
Violet Bottler
Violet Bottler.gif
Worships: Bilous
Level: 26
Gender: Female
Motto: Make Not? Love War? Ni!
Chronicles: Yet Boring
Skills: eye scream
oak cloaking
spontaneous combustion
foot massage
Guild: Knights who say Ni (advisor)
Pet: Rocky Raccoon Sandy (Level 11, currently wild)
Data current as of 26th December 2012

Violet used to work in Ankh Morpork as a tooth fairy. Conscientious but not bright, she lived by herself in a small room in Shamlegger Street. Susan Sto Helit sometime saw her in the Biers pub, where the undead drank, and recognized her when she came to collect a tooth from Twyla, Susans charge as Nanny/Governess. Why would Violet be drinking in a pub where you could be asked, “Hey normo, what you looking at?” Perhaps as a Tooth Fairy representative she was in an in-between world. When going on collections, equipped with the ladder and pliers (Media), she was invisible to ordinary mortals.

After Mr. Teatime punched Banjo Lilywhite in the mouth, Banjo being a child at heart, a tooth became available for collection. Violet was followed after visiting Banjo, captured and taken by Teatime and his group to the domain of the Tooth Fairy, where they kept her tied up. Quite what Teatime had in mind for her is not clear, but for Susan, once she found out what Violet’s full name was, Violet became a kind of homing beacon. “If I want to, I can find anybody. It’s a family trait.”

On meeting Bilous the drinker-phobic oh god of hangovers, eyes meeting across a crowded room as it were, Violet said that as a young member of Offler’s League of Temperance she had a blue ribbon. She seemed to imply that this was still in force, which might already not be 100% true. For that matter the oh god started revising upward his account of the kind of godding he does, particularly after rather disdainful comments from Violet about his standing in for the God of Hangovers.

From that day on, Violet feeling terribly guilty for Mr. Teatime's intrusion to the realm of the Tooth Fairy, both the tooth fairy and the oh god quite let loose conscience and their sense of obligation. Violet becoming a drinker and Bilous ... well, better don't speak about it.

Knights who say Ni

Knights Who Say Ni 1.gif

Violet is oh so proud to be a Knight who says Ni. Both she and her god treat Ni the best guild around. For sure Ni's the home of many many great Knights and they love at least the very most of them.

Both cannot thank enough for dozens of answered questions, tons of helpful advice, lots of fun and for always having a knight as a shining example for whatever they're trying to achieve.

Most liked Locations

Bilous loves:
Godville (Milestone 1)
For having the arena there
Last Resort (Milestone 20)
Because it's easy to reach (esp. after arena) and because praying is more efficient there
Trollbridge and Los Demonos (Milestones 50 and 70)
Because it's harder to get drunk there
Tradeburg (Milestone 100)
Items sell for twice as much here. Equipment and golden bricks can sometimes be purchased for less here than in other towns.
Violet loves:
Beerburgh (Milestone 30)
For some reason nobody knows ;o)
Los Demonos (Milestone 70)
Because Potions are said to be cheaper here
Tradeburg (Milestone 100)
For the same reasons her god likes the city
Unspecifiedistan (Milestone 800)
Just because she's never been there