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Artifacts of Godville
Bengal light
Simple, undecorated version.
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Diwali lamp burning tyger-bright.
Cost No godpower
Effect Randomized gain in Health, Gold, Experience, or Artifact inventory.

This item may give your hero a pleasant surprise (doesn’t require godpower). This Christmas seasonal artifact may be a Diwali seasonal artifact.

General Information

Full of fearful symmetries, built by daring hands seizing stellar fires, the Bengal light drives the dark before it with dread hands and dread feet, that the bearer might go forth in softest clothing wooly bright to rejoice the vales in tender voice

Before they go to bed in winter, Godville’s children ceremonially ask the Bengal light, “Dost thou know who made thee? Did he who made the lamb make thee?” These questions ostensibly cause the creatures who lurk in fire to sit contemplative for the night, keeping each child safe through the darkest season.[1]

More practically, heroines and their goddesses have learned to “open” the Bengal lights to gain such seasonal blessings as heath, wealth, happiness, and trinkets. The initial "opening" costs neither the deity nor the champion anything, but may result in activatable inventory that requires 50% g.p. to utilize.

The heroine who does not "open" the Bengal light cherishes this lamp used to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Its palm-like size and form designed for secure grasping makes it ideal for holding while dancing or fighting, especially in dark areas like dungeons and the domains of Inncreepers. The heroine tends to develop an affection for a Bengal light that has served in this way, and will only sell it for a very high price. Surprisingly, traders are willing to pay upwards of 1200 gold coins for a Bengal light so proven.[2]


The heroine is most likely to gain a Bengal light from seasonal monsters, such as the Santa Claws and Brewpid the Reindeer, but at times will also be able to win these seasonal trophies from boss digs and dungeons. A few rare mini-quests also reward the heroine with a Bengal light.

References and Footnotes

  1. Dr. Simons, Blythe. Folklore and Traditions of Godville. Unspecifiedistan University Press, 3010 g.e.
  2. This is generally considered proof that the merchant class holds its own secret superstitions, as it is assumed that traders believe a Bengal light proven to care for a heroine in combat is more capable of protecting their children at night.