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Beerburgh, officially the Hamlet of Beerburgh, is located in the junction of River of Beer and the River Stinks and is considered the 6th most populated city of the known realms. It has a population of almost 3,000 with this number ballooning to over 8,000 during the Beer Festival months. Most of the buildings that dot the hamlet are either breweries or inns with microbreweries, making this town the highest per capita density of intoxicated people.


Beerburgh used to be a Elvish settlement known as Kheebler populated by peaceful Elves intent on baking superfluous amounts of baked goods. In the Great Elf-Dwarf War, the Dwarves spiked the baked goods with Dwarven Ale, the most potent form of alcohol in existence. While the Elves were in a drunken stupor after drinking the spiked cookies, the Dwarves invaded and easily captured the hamlet.

Converting the bakeries into breweries, the Dwarves renamed the settlement Beerburgh in honor of their resounding victory over the intoxicated Elves. While the Dwarves were drunk celebrating their victory, however, the Humans came in and captured the town from under their noses. Since then, the town has become the bastion of beer and other alcoholic beverages in the known worlds with some of the strongest lager being available in copious amounts and exported on a monthly basis to other settlements throughout the realms.


The Hamlet of Beerburgh resides in a hilly, uneven landscape flanked by the River of Beer, a commercial transit highway that delivers the precious lager throughout the realms, and the River Stinks, a small river that brings all sorts of refuse south to the Great Ocean. The western portion is somewhat more elevated than the eastern portion of the hamlet, a geographic feature that promotes stumbling and eventually falling down especially when intoxicated.

Distinctive Features

Beerburgh is best known for three distinctive varieties of beer: LOLager, ROFLager and FMLager. LOLager being the tamest while FMLager having the notoriety of putting even the stoutest warrior under the table. The tourist trade in Beerburgh is very strong with a particular surge of visitors during the beer months, particularly Octobeer and Novembeer. Most of these tourists often have to cut their vacations short, however, as their copious consumption of ale often leaves them penniless within days.