Beer Hunter

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Monsters of Godville
Beer Hunter
Class Human
Habitat taverns
Description Hunter with huge addiction of the taste of beer

Beer Hunters wander through cities to drink beers as collection of tastes. They have their own community, where beer hunters do a tournament, how many beers in a year they can find. The winner of this tournament would be the beer hunter of the year.

Beer hunters would do everything to get beers, so don't you ever try to stand on their way if you can't handle the true power of beer hunters, gained by drinking beer. Some heroes may have to be ressurected by their gods by not giving his glass beer to the beer hunters in the tavern.

Beer Hunters also belong to the "Rogue's Brotherhood" because of their roguelike fighting skills, such as the stealthiness.


  • Vicious and agile
  • Beer regains their healthpoints


  • slightly drunk
  • Cries when a glass of beer fells off

See Also: Pie Assassin ; Armchair Assassin