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Bad News Bear
Bad News Bear.png


The Battlefield Friends clan was once the toast of Beerburgh, after slaying the Great Bad News Bear that plagued their skies ( G.E. 856). Their courage and bravery saved the town; and started a deep rift within the Clan. The many great heroes, drunk with power and success, turned their backs on the once integral values of the Friends, squabbling over leadership and opulence. Collapsing on itself, The Battlefield Friends Clan faded into history, no longer the toast of Beerburgh, or remembered for their great deeds.

Many moons later, a single God rose above the squabbling Heroes; Necrogodomega. Bringing the bravest and most resolute Gods together resulted in the birth of the once disgraced Clan; However, as result of their great divine intervention, they were rendered incapable of communication, leaving the fledgling Guild to rebuild its name, and pride, with only a handful of great Gods.

The Guild

  • Our core Values are of Bravery, Kindness, a strong sense of Loyalty, and Activity.
  • We ask that all members are respectful towards each other, while still promoting a healthy amount of competition.
  • Our Guild strives to be one of the Brightest alignment; We battle together as Friends to help each other, for the good of all! So encourage your hero, and reap the benefits!


To be part of something great, to build this guild into your own image along with the ideals of your fellow comrades, just follow these steps;

  • Your hero(ine) must be at or above level 12 to join guilds.
  • Wait until your hero(ine) is idling on the road (i.e., not in a town or dungeon, and not fighting a monster, healing, or selling to a roadside trader). Do NOT cancel your hero(ine)'s current quest.
  • Send this voice command to your hero(ine): Join "Battlefield Friends" guild. It may take a few tries. Try to not harass your hero either! They can be stubborn, so send the messages around 30 seconds apart.
  • If, in the future, your hero(ine) tries to leave the guild, send this voice command: Cancel quest. This can be done at any time.
  • If you neglect your hero(ine) for 28 days or more, s(he) will leave the guild!