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| description = Mutated, fully armored Toad
| description = Mutated, fully armored Toad
| habitat    = Swamplands
| habitat    = Swamplands
| feature    = Sailing
| pet-level-from = 100
| pet-level-from = 100
| pet-features = Sailing; [[Pets#List of pets|might have more]]
| strong      = yes
| strong      = yes

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Not to be confused with The Battle Toad (tavern).
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Pets of Godville
Battle Toad
Bufo nintendo
Strong Monster
Class Amphibian
Habitat Swamplands
Description Mutated, fully armored Toad
Tame at levels 100–114 (129 with ark)
Features Sailing; might have more

The Battle Toad (Bufo nintendo) is a tameable monster, despite being taller than your average hero. They aren't very smart, but are handy in a fight and can carry artifacts and other objects if they get too heavy.

Battle Toads are amphibians which accidentally got hit by the lightning of some angry God in Godville. Yes, it happens pretty often. When ponds or puddles are hit by lightning bolts of Gods, every living creature in it may mutate, and this is where the Battle Toad’s existence came from. They're bigger than humans, strong like a tank and can still catch flies with their sticky tongues.

Battle Toads are mostly seen with the Frog of War, being their companions, but people have also spotted them wandering around Godville on places near water. Also, people are starting to hire them to be Watchmen or Bodyguards, so some of them are socialized creature beings. But those you meet outside a town are mostly aggressive.



  • Breathes under water
  • Swims fast
  • Unusually strong


  • Slow on land
  • Hates dry places
  • Armor makes floating difficult
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