Battle Ox

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The Battle Ox is a monster.


The Battle Ox is a sinister creature similar to a normal ox. The Battle Ox can walk on its hind legs and can deftly wield its choice of a weapon (an axe) in battle. The battle oxen seem to prefer living in between towns, but some claim to have seen battle oxen in Deville pubs.


The battle oxen had originally been harmless, roaming the fields of the countryside. One day, a drunken hero mistakenly challenged one to a fight. The ox quickly defeated the drunken hero, and reveling in its supposed "triumph", it decided to become a full-time warrior. Other oxen shared its views on this matter, and formed the club, "The Battle Oxen." The oxen quickly discovered that fighting on mere muscle power was not going to be enough. Darwin's theory of evolution was realized when future generations of battle oxen developed the ability of opposable thumbs and walking upright. Thus, the present day Battle Ox was formed.