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Astril I hope you are now in a better place...I miss you so much you know?!?It breaks my heart knowing I dont have anyone to talk to!May you Rest in Peace now Astril...
Goodbye Astril, you were a wonderful member of our guild, always making it a funny and enjoyable place -Thanos55555
==The OG(First eight members)==
==The OG(First eight members)==

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Motto: TOADally Awesome!
Alignment: humane
Totem Monster: Battle Toad
High-level Rank: Gamabunta
Gold Fund: 16683 c.u.
Leader: GodSamurai Princess 
Date Founded: May, 2020
Membership Count: 24
Guild Page: BattleToads 
Data current as of Mar 16, 2021


Our guild is built on Honor, justice, and PUNS! PUNS! PUNS!

The Dagger Of Ranks:

The real dagger of ranks.png

The story behind BattleToads:

There was once a wonderful hero who was just plain awesome, and he was so awesome that he went to kill a evil witch. But... he was very reckless so when he rushed in screaming his legendary battle cry; FOR PONY! he promptly got turned into an talking toad. He returned to the town as a talking toad, and the townspeople mocked him and threw stones at him. In shame, he left the town for good. Four heroes, known as Addicas, Scarlet The Scrappy, Toms humble servant, and Scum toad saw him and listened to his sad tale. Then they took pity on him and formed a guild in his honor. Their gods liked the idea of a guild in honor of toads. Then BattleToads was born!

How to join

To convince your hero to join our guild, send this command to your hero.

Join "BattleToads" guild

For largest chance of success, send the command while your hero is outside of town.

The OG(First eight members)


GodThe Real Chibby 

GodBig Tommy D 

GodSamurai Princess 







When the topic is set, a small post will be inserted in Guild Chat advising of this event. The new topic will also be stuck to the top of the guild chat window. To set a topic, enter the topic in the box exactly as you want it to appear, and click "Set".

The Guild Council Topic can be changed once every 24 hours

Current topic:


To hold an election, a guild must have at least five members ranked Cardinal or above. Guild leaders are selected every three months from candidates ranked Hierarch or above, by a vote of members ranked Cardinal or above. To win, a candidate must be voted for by at least 25% of eligible voters or five votes if 25% of all eligible voters is less than five.

To stand for election an eligible member nominates themself while nominations are open. A seven-day countdown begins when the first candidate is nominated.

Once nominations close, members have seven days to vote for their preferred candidate.

Once voting closes, the votes are tallied and the winner is declared. The winner is automatically given access to the controls on the Guild Control page.

Current leader: GodSamurai Princess