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Monsters of Godville
Class Goblin
Habitat Public Baths, Harbors, Swamps, Spas, Beaches
Description A goblin with that throws wears a vest covered in bath bombs

Bath Bomber is a monster that is a goblin who treats bath bombs like actual bombs. It is a short creature with the height of a small child that wears a vest covered in bath bombs.

It uses the bath bombs as a projectile, which can be quite annoying for heroes to deal with. If the hero happens to be in a body of water (such as a pool, pond, ocean, lake, river, etc...), the Bath Bomber will charge at the hero as if it is doing a suicide bombing and, in almost all cases, will lose all bath bombs because they react with the water and dissolve. This renders the Bath Bomber completely helpless unless there is a nearby marketplace where it will proceed to leave the battle to restock on bath bombs. This can take a long period of time and heroes usually don't have the patience to wait for the Bath Bomber so it often returns only to realize that its opponent has left a while ago.

Heroes generally have an easy time fighting this monster since it is relatively weak. However, If the Bath Bomber is very angry, it's throwing strength increases exponentially. This can make the weaker Bath Bombers throw at the skill of a baseball pitcher, and the strongest ones can throw at the speed of a bullet. This can be deadly.



  • Rage exponentially increases throwing strength and accuracy
  • Rather short, making them hard to hit
  • Runs Quickly
  • Flying Bath Bombs can injure heroes


  • Contact with water makes bath bombs fizzle
  • Helpless without bath bombs
  • Attacks are rather weak unless angered