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|description= Large and scary
|totem=Ghosts along the Mississippi
|totem=Ghosts along the Mississippi

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Monsters of Godville
Barking Catfish
Totem for Ghosts along the Mississippi ⚜️ 
Description Large and scary

The Barking Catfish was a normal animal that was cursed. This happened after it was given as a gift to a little witch from her aunts for finishing fifth grade with A+. The three women lived alone in their house. The house was isolated from the closest town which was 700 kilometers away. The witch school where the little girl studied was 1000 kilometers away. She flew on her broom every day to get there.

So as I was saying the girl was given a catfish. She really loved it and spent a lot of time with it that day. At some point she found a spell that gives animals the ability to talk. The little witch decided to test it on the catfish. Sadly it did not work. Instead of the ability to talk the catfish developed the ability to bark. The barking was really annoying so the girl and her aunts decide to throw the animal away. But there is one thing they do not know. The spell was cast so badly that it caused the catfish to mutate into a air - breathing, immune to magic giant monster with unsatisfiable hunger for human and human - like flesh. So it ate the witches without a problem and then left to search for more food.