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Monsters of Godville
Class Vampire
Habitat Bars, street corners
Description gargoyle with an intense emotional disease

The Bargoyle is a sub-species of the Gargoyle (Taverloubarlous Gargoylite). This monsterous creature resides in ruins of rode side taverns, and the only thing to spend more time than heroes in them. These Gargoyles hate heroes, for a multitude of reasons: They have Gods, they are given quests, they get auras, they have temples to rest in, but more then any thing they hate them for rivalling them for the most time spent in taverns. The Bargoyle essentialy wants to be a hero, but why? Gold. The Bargoyle must fight strong heroes, and monsters to get it's beer money, or live off of the gold it finds on the ground. It knows heroes level up, and that they aren't kicked out of trader's shops for being "grotesquly disfigured, and disturbing to look at."


  • Heroes (because of their alcohol content)
  • Beer



  • Hatred towards heroes makes them want to fight.
  • stoneskin


  • Sad
  • alcoholic