Bandwidth Devourer

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Monsters of Godville
Bandwidth Devourer
Devorator Signum
Bandwidth Devourer.png
Wi-Fi Routers are common feeding grounds for the Bandwidth Devourer
Class Internet-Eating Eldritch Abomination
Habitat Anywhere with a radio or WiFi signal
Description Devours bandwidth

Bandwidth Devourer is a monster that eats signals, such as WiFi signals and Radio signals. This creature is a common source of lag, and it can even interrupt communication. This monster's level of danger can vary, since it tends to be more focused on devouring signals.

General Information

Nobody knows exactly why the Bandwidth Devourer eats signals. In fact, none were ever reported to exist before any form of signal-based communication was ever used. Maybe they originally lived in caves and somehow depended on magnetism to survive. But now, they eat WiFi. Any city with the technology to use the internet should beware and protect their WiFi Routers, satellite dishes, remotes, and scanners from this monster or they will suffer a massive problem: Terrible Reception and/or Lag.

If a Bandwidth Devourer is spotted wreaking havoc upon somebody's communication systems (It's not to hard to spot them. They're big, glowing amphibious-looking creatures that always wear a pair of headphones), know that it is difficult to stop the monster but not impossible. The creature may have static electricity on its body, so physically attacking it does not always work. Sometimes, splashing them with water is enough to scare them off (because of how electricity and water typically interact). If water does not work, resort to violence with any weapon that does not conduct electricity.



  • Absorbs electricity/wavelengths
  • Difficult to approach
  • Jumps very high
  • Runs quickly


  • Startled by water
  • Weapons that do not conduct electricity
  • Poor Reception