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Music is an important part of culture. Perhaps that is why heroes are prepared to spend so much money on concerts. Many heroes are so obsessed with music that they go and see the same band more than once.

The Burning Beards

The Burning Beards is a band that formed in the Halls of Armok. What is known by very few in Godville is that the Dwarf members of the band change on regular intervals. Those burning beards are not stage effects. That would be beneath dwarfish sensibilities.

Luckily for the fans, most humans and elves can not tell one dwarf from another. When the fireworks end the career (or life) of a band member, they are rapidly replaced. Check the lower dungeon during any party at Armok Hall and you will find many of the guild’s newbies practicing burning beard survival.

Any number of gold coins is a bargain to watch the potential immolation of Armok’s stupidest, err… most gifted musicians.