Banana Head

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Banana Head is a hero of Godville and member of the Ganjamancers guild, with the motto “Wanna see my junk?” Banana Head is a hailed gladiator under the vigilant supervision of the god GodBig Banana .


Once a sword-fodder who quickly transitioned to a hostile sword fighter, Banana Head has become known by his fallen opponents for his outlandish battle cry. Banana Head is known for mocking unworthy opponents upon victory in the arena, destroying their will to fight by whispering just before they passover to the afterlife, "Wanna see my junk?" Not a single living hero has expressed regret or refusal to see Banana Head's junk. Rumor has it that Godville's local Forest Grump has learned to show Banana Head proper respect for some reason.

Family Blood for Glory

In attempt to prove gods become wiser as commanders as they age, Banana Head has been forced into the arena by god Big Banana to fight against his own friends who are heroes supervised by the sons of his god. In a show of might, Banana Head has fought gloriously against hero Randall Flagg, whose god, GodCerwin , is said to be the son of god Big Banana. Seeking blood for glory, sacred stories of the gods suggest the god GodBig Banana  sickly desires family feuds, and enjoys showing off the skills of his hero by demanding he engage in epic battles against other heroes guided by his sons. To date, however, god Cerwin is the only son of god Big Banana whose hero has fought and been defeated by the unmerciful hands of Banana Head. Big Banana's other sons, god GodDerekE  and god GodKerwin , have kept their heroes in hiding, secretly spying on Banana Head in attempt to learn his weaknesses before sending their heroes to battle against him.