Ballpoint Penguin

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The ballpoint penguin, although flightless, is still mightier than the swordfish. They are known to squirt ink in an attacker's eyes as a defense mechanism, as well as forge signatures on checks as an offense mechanism.

Able to yawn to put monsters to sleep, allowing hero/heroines to finish them off. Is not very brave.

They can be one of your hero's first pets. As a pet, it tends to eat a number of items from your bag. Your hero is aware of this (somehow), and will often buy more healing items when it is around and the hero isn't thinking about beer.

One of its attacks is used to generate a somewhat weak static electricity attack.

Has been known to occasionally bring healing items to the hero/heroine, before usually eating them with great pride. Has been known to rarely bring random artifacts.

At times will point your hero in the correct direction.