Bald Eagle Scout

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Monsters of Godville
Bald Eagle Scout
Class Humanoid
Habitat Usually found in front of a godville market
Description Very smart but deranged humans

Bald Eagle Scouts are incredibly skilled individuals cursed with a genetic disease that makes it impossible to grow hair. A Bald Eagle Scout has one thing on his mind at all times. Sell as many boxes of Bald Eagle Scout cookies to pay for a membership to the Hair Club for Bald Eagle Scouts. Bald Eagle Scouts will cheat, lie and steal in order to accomplish his/her agenda. This usually involves killing any hero that doesn't buy cookies often. Most Bald Eagle Scouts , male and female, are bald but some have a really pointy long nose which they use in battle.


  • Highly Skilled Individuals
  • powerful beaks
  • Determined and ruthless


  • Whines alot
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Sometimes insane