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{{God|Ghregg}}  Date Completed: 11/19/2015
{{God|Ghregg}}  Date Completed: 11/19/2015
{{God|Icaria}}  Date Completed:  01/19/2016
==Members List - Rank Chief Master and above==
==Members List - Rank Chief Master and above==

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Motto: "Paani me machri, nau nau kutia bakhara" (Let's divide the fish before the catch).
Alignment: Peaceful
Gold Fund: 15182 c.u.
Date Founded: Unknown
Membership Count: 187
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 116
Guild Page: Bakhara 


The origins of the guild are lost to the mists of time.

However, hidden within the deepest unexplored rooms of the guild hall show a compilation of books, notes, diary entries, and chronicles of the former heroes that once roamed the halls of Bakhara.

The stories tell us about how the strongest and mightiest of heroes in Godville were not only looked upon because of their strength and power, but the sheer kindness and humility these people have given and shown to the different people all over the world. From the Jagged Peaks near the River Kraktor, to the Eastern Magmatic Plumules. These heroes have gone above and beyond their duty and have touched the hearts and minds of the different people across Godville.

One of the very first and the most distinguished heroic deeds that our heroes have accomplished that the people of Godville will never forget would be The Prodigious Catch in Anville. We know that Anville is the leading supplier of weapons and armor which is then exported to the different towns, Anville is a staple area where the people rely heavily on its rich resource of different ores, minerals, metals, gems, weapons, and vast armor it provides. Due to the place being the cornerstone for blacksmiths, the town does not own any forms of plantation or farms to sustain the peoples’ need of food and vegetation. They rely heavily on the occasional imports coming from the nearby towns that travel in boat through the Mainstream, near the Hypergiant Delta.

But then on one fateful day, the people of Anville were expecting a shipment of resources coming from Beerburgh, when suddenly the crew of the said cargo ship were ambushed by a bask of Ticking Crocodiles that swam upstream from the Hypergiant Delta in search for more prey opportunities. The ship was completely destroyed, but the crew was able to escape safely with no casualties. However, the people of Anville relied heavily on that shipment due to the fact that their supplies were running dangerously low and it was this shipment that would replenish their resources. As the expected time of arrival neared, the townsfolk began to worry over the unpunctual cargo ship; they were in dire need of this cargo. A few moments later, the mayor of Anville received a note carried by a carrier pigeon coming from the mayor of Beerburgh stating the incident that had happened to the cargo ship. It was also stated that they will be sending another vessel, but it will take a couple of days to restock the supplies lost. It would also not be wise to ask for resources from Los Demonos, because it would take a week’s journey to carry all those supplies on land.

This was devastation to the people of Anville. With the extremely limited amount of resources left in the town, the people resorted to stealing and rummaging through the stores and markets for any sign of food or grub to eat. The streets were filled with townsfolk all in panic. Everyone was screaming and in any given direction there was a crime being committed. The town was expected to fall due to the utter chaos.

Then suddenly, our revered heroes were lucky enough to be within the town during this crisis, and they volunteered to help in the given situation. The guild master (whose name can no longer be legible due to the old age of the files) suggested using the remaining fishing vessel to catch some fish from the Qu’tox Ocean. Though the task seems easy enough, the Qu’tox Ocean is well known and feared by many experienced sailors due to its lethal maelstroms and unpredictable weather patterns. The heroes stood brave and completely accepted this daunting task, all in the name of helping others. This was the time the guild master said the famous words: "Paani me machri, nau nau kutia bakhara" (Let's divide the fish before the catch). This is the moment where the guild got its name and motto. It was from this statement that built a legacy of heroes.

As the respected heroes boarded the ship, the townsfolk gave thanks and praise towards the revered heroes for their bravery and willingness to help the town in peril. As they were nearing the fishing grounds the skies suddenly darkened, the waters started to swirl and soon a powerful vortex of water began to form! The heroes, with all their might, skilfully manoeuvred through the treacherous waters and into the main fishing grounds where they are expected to find a bounty of fish and other aquatic specimens to catch and eat. They casted their nets and poles and with one big pull, they were able to haul an enormous amount of fish! There were also other aquatic life obtained like squids, octopi, crabs, and the like. The sheer weight of the haul gave the ship a hard time to stay afloat, but the heroes, as usual using their wits and their hearts, managed to make it back to shore.

Sounds of cheering and celebration can be heard all throughout the town. The mayor holds a feast in honour of the admired champions. The fish gathered was enough for the whole town to be kept fed for days on end! As a reward for the valiant efforts of the men and women of courage, the mayor of Anville personally rewards them with a lifetime supply of the finest and most valuable wine coming from the town of Beerburgh. The heroes decide to keep this in the wine cellars of their guildhall to save for another special occasion. This was the day the Bakhara saved a town from utter chaos with nothing but bravery, perseverance, and kindness. This was only one of the many accomplishments that the steadfast group of heroes that once roamed these halls achieved.

Through the years, these heroes have stood the test of time. Their bodies were eventually not able to withstand the usual beating that their youthful self was accustomed to. With no immediate heirs or new members to follow on their legacies the guild slowly disappeared, and together with their stories, became nothing more than legends of folklore.

Many years have passed, the guildhall was found emptied and abandoned by newer, more promising heroes looking for a place to sleep off a visit to the numerous inns and taverns of the area. On the dusty tapestries hanging in the hall they blearily made out the shape of a hanging basket and the motto ""Paani me machri, nau nau kutia bakhara" (Let's divide the fish before the catch)". They then come across the vast files and accounts of the heroes and the stories left behind. Seeing that this was good a place as any to hang their hats, helms and caps, these new heroes began to restore the hall. They swept out the dust, beat the rugs (when they got bored), spread out newspapers for their non-quite-housebroken pets, and made themselves at home.

Though the original guild consisted of mainly pure good! heroes, anyone who is willing to share their strength and their time to help our guild grow stronger is always welcome!

       The Bakhara guild was finally brought back to life!


As a Guild with a small presence, we have not attracted the notice of the bigger guilds, many of whom seem to view us as little more than Hermit Crabs who have taken over an empty hall. But as we grow, we will strive to remain Humane and Peaceful, as Cheerfully Inebriated is not an alignment. If we band together with another Guild (or decide to take out our frustrations on someone), updates will be posted here.

How to Join

If you would like your hero to join us in our epic drinking, I mean 'quests', send a voice saying:

Join the "Bakhara" guild

For the best chance of success, send the command while:

  • Your hero is at least level 12
  • Your hero is outside of town
  • Your hero is idle (not fighting)
  • Do not cancel your current quest

Guild Leadership

GodCronion : 01/11/2015 - 04/10/2015

GodGlorious Deity : 04/23/2015 - 08/24/2015

GodBifforama : 09/06/2015 - 01/10/2016

GodFallroy : 01/17/2016

Ark Owners

The Gods who have earned the coveted 舟 ('zhōu') medal and now have a place to store several precious pets (and their empty beer pitchers):

GodL1Wulf  Date Completed: 02/06/2015

GodCronion  Date Completed: 03/17/2015

GodDjsksjdjgd  Date Completed: 05/15/2015

GodTarnz  Date Completed: 05/28/2015

GodBifforama  Date Completed: 06/03/2015

GodBlindndangerous  Date Completed: 11/22/2015

Temple Owners

The Gods who have managed to get their heroes to avoid spending all of their gold on drinks at the tavern during their time in the guild:

GodBifforama  Date Completed: 03/21/2012

GodIris-Seras  Date Completed: 11/04/2012

GodCronion  Date Completed: 11/11/2012

GodBlindndangerous  Date Completed: 01/27/2013

GodThamuz  Date Completed: 05/13/2013

GodTarnz  Date Completed: 07/04/2013

GodDjsksjdjgd  Date Completed: 09/19/2013

GodScarlet-harlot  Date Completed: 09/21/2013

GodL1Wulf  Date Completed: 11/04/2013

GodGlorious Deity  Date Completed: 08/09/2015

GodGhregg  Date Completed: 11/19/2015

GodIcaria  Date Completed: 01/19/2016

Members List - Rank Chief Master and above

GodCronion  - cheesemonger GodBifforama  - cheesemonger GodThamuz  - cheesemonger GodIris-Seras  - cheesemonger GodBlindndangerous  - cheesemonger GodScarlet-harlot  - cheesemonger GodDjsksjdjgd  - cheesemonger GodTarnz  - cheesemonger GodGlorious Deity  - prophet GodGhregg  - regent GodMekvs  - patriarch GodEdifice  - patriarch GodAehan  - patriarch GodShrewst  - patriarch GodCkjxcdgnjgcxfnju  - patriarch GodCaesarea  - matriarch GodPantsu  - hierarch GodRedoxes  - hierarch GodFallroy  - hierarch GodCainVos  - hierarch GodAspect of Justice  - hierarch GodIcaria  - hierarch GodCricket-bug  - hierarch GodGod of wit  - hierarch GodCondemned  - hierarch GodDuanegod  - cardinal GodThe White Frost  - grand master GodGuoguololo  - grand master GodMeow Meow Beans  - grand master GodGarbus  - grand master