Bakers of Ponyville

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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Bakers of Ponyville” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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Bakers of Ponyville
Bakers of Ponyville.jpeg
Motto: Life is a Party!
Alignment: True Darkness!
Date Founded: 10th Sep, 2019
Guild Page: Bakers of Ponyville 

The Magical Land Of Equestria

In the wonderful land of Equestria where everything is bright, colorful with beautiful rainbows in the sky and ponies are living peaceful and happyily under the rule of the Princesses of the Sun, Moon and Love. The ponies go about their day doing what their Princess or Cutie mark tells them to do, they do not question, they don't wonder why they just do whatever they're told, foals are told to always be obedient, loyal, truthful and to always trust their Princesses, the farms are bountiful the water is pure and everypony gets along or so it would seem

It would seem that Equestria is a slice of heaven where nothing can go wrong and when it does the Princesses will always come though for their ponies or at least that's what the princesses love to tell their ponies, instead of the Princesses getting their hoofs dirty they send the Elements Of Harmony, Elite Royal Guards or Special agents to do the hard work while they sit upon their thrones commanding their servants to do their bidding

Other creatures like Griffins, Dragons, Yaks, Donkeys are told to they can live peacefully in Equestria but if they do they're treated unfairly and looked down upon even our Princess of the Sun looks down on any creature that isn't a pony, if they fight back against this unlawfulness they're threatened with burning fire from the sun.

Even the Elements Of Harmony are bound to follow whatever their Princess says completely blind to the deceiving reality around them, but not all the Elements Of Harmony are blind to the lies around them

Large cities like Las Pegasus and Manehattan do pretty well with all the businesses and commercial areas but their is fraction between businesses wanting to be the best of the best, they forget about all the ponies that struggle to just stay within the safety of the city and as so ponies must work for big business while being treated poorly with no insurance for their service

Much smaller towns or settlements like Applelocas, the Rock Farm or Dodge City have to work every day just like the poor ponies within the big cities except here there is no protection from things like thieves or timberwolfs no guards no walls, our Princess could solve these problems but she does nothing to save her ponies from terrible fates

Pinkamena knew what was under this little slice of this so called heaven, brainwashing, deception, control, blind loyalty, unprepared for the darkness around them. She hated this sugar coated world full of lies so she took it upon herself to start to change this world, shape it to how she saw it, to how we see it

A Little History Of The Bakers

Pinkamena being the first Baker had started 'baking' on incident from having a small cut on her hoof to a spark of an idea, an idea that would cost Equestria dearly.

While the Bakers were formed yet incomplete before Pinkamena's arrival to Ponyville when she arrived she was alone, her sisters deciding to stay at the rockfarm that was untill Applebloom came along and soon to follow Derpy came into the fold both incidentally found out about Pinkamena's hobby but despite this they both willing joined, back on the farm Inkie and Blinkie Pie discovered a third sister locked away hidden in a cellar by their parents later the Pie's would reunite, Babs would come along later on and come to the rescue of the Bakers after being arrested with the help of Applebloom and Derpy, shortly after being rescued Pinkamena would make her own new Elements Of Harmony

Sugar Cube Corner & The Castle of the Two Sister's

Sugar Cube Corner being the first place for the Bakers to resign at, having a secret basement and having plenty of supplies for the purposes of baking, it also had a 2nd exit but due to a interruption during a baking session it was best decided to close this exit,

it wasn't until Pinkamena found a fortress later to be the Castle of the Two Sister's did things get more interesting having multiple floors, multiple rooms though parts of the Castle was destroyed most of it was intact, the Castle included a basement along with a dungeon with multiple holding cells, the Castle had a few nonlethal and a few lethal traps before the arrival of the Bakers but now that they occupy the Castle all the old traps and new traps were very effective keeping intruders or nosy ponies both in and out, one wrong step and spikes would shoot up from the floor go down the wrong hall would leave you in complete darkness that wouldn't be so bad if not for bear traps and trap doors leading down to be imprisoned by the Bakers, if you were spotted by a Baker you'll wouldn't know until you were overcome be the desire to sleep or overcome by an unrelenting pain until you pass out, if you were caught you can try and explain yourself but you'll be put in a cage filled with others who trespass where they don't belong or ponies who were captured if not that then you would be gotten rid of on the spot, the outside is littered with traps designed to look as normal pile of leaves or a walkway but underneath was spike fall or pit falls

The Bakers used the basement as the place to keep their most valuable material items, the basement is also their resting place, it's also the place where they're come up with new ideas for crafting new weapons, armor and new ways for keeping ponies contained

A tunnel was also linked between the Castle and Sugar Cube Corner for the Bakers to go between these two locations without anypony noticing