Bag of lovely bones

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Artifacts of Godville
Bag of lovely bones
a bag of pretty bones
Type 🧷Normal
Description a sack brimming with the best bones of a monster’s collection

A bag of lovely bones is the most prized gift that a beast can make.

General Information

When a big monster likes someone, they give a bag with a special selection of bones that form a proposition. This are the finest remains said creature had in store. This is a really important step in a monstruous romance, the only chance of a hero/ine to court a beast long enough to receive the bag is during the Flirt with disaster mini-quest.

Even though this is such an important gift, hero/ fail to understand it and just sell the bag to any passing trader. This will provoke the fury of the loving giver and may result in injuries both sentimental and physical.

Bone Meanings

The average bag contains 13 bones, which bones are stuffed in the sack determine exactly what the giver feels for its lover.

  • Skulls symbolize the admiration for the lover’s beauty, wit or even stubbornness.
  • Spines mean that the loved one is resilient and valiant.
  • Hands are used to evoke the tenderness and skill of the receiver.
  • Feets represent the ability to run, climb or dance.
  • Ribs are a proof of the big heart the loved one posesses.
  • Legbones are usually decorative, some even suggest more private virtues.

Selling Tips

  • Clean the bones first, they could have been in really nasty places.
  • Tell the tale, traders will pay more for a romantic present rather than a creepy decoration.
  • Avoid your other half at least until you have drinked the money away.