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Towns of Godville
Bad Gateway
Bad Gateway.jpeg
Home milestone 502
Map code BG
Known for Lavish parties and good savings

Although years ago this was a good gateway, the town fell in with a bad crowd and went bad. There are nightly parties lasting until the elders come out and yell to go to bed, and rarely is there a full classroom in Bad Gateway. Youthful Gatewegians know about saving up money though, as their parents rarely give them cash for their smashing celebrations.

As an aside, Bad Gateway is reported to have the most fascinating countertops ever! Needless to say, this claim was made while the claimant was terribly drunk.


As it fits into the culture of the Greater Godville Metropolitan Area, Bad Gateway has a distinctive set of myths and legends, and is known to be a source of the subset of heroes and heroines known as ninjas and samurai.[1] Sake flows in Bad Gateway as freely as beer does in other towns.

Bad Gateway residents and expatriates generally refer to themselves as "Gatewegians," and commonly have a high tolerance for noise, alcohol, and tipsy hijinx. However, visitors and tourists are asked to please observe the common courtesies when visiting this fair city, and make sure to shut the gate behind them.

Footnotes and References

  1. Travelers who cannot afford to travel to Bad Gateway to experience the culture themselves are advised to pay a visit to a local franchise of The Battletoad, which honors and encapsulates an exaggerated take on Gatewegian culture.
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