B-Trees Forest

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The B-Trees forest is located west of Beerburgh and is in the southern region of the Badlands. It is so named for the dominant species of tree that forms the forest, known as the B-tree for its structure.

Geography of Godville
B-Trees Forest
There are only sketches of the forest because the mysterious trees cannot be captured on film.[1]
Description The strangest forest


Natural History

In this dark and damp place, a plethora of fungi flourish and many a foul creature have made their home here. Such as the Torrent Leech, the Cawing Wumpus, and the Hyper Lynx. The forest is comprised mainly of B-trees, but there are also B+trees, R-trees, and even a mystical rarity known as the Binary search tree! It is well known that thousands of data banks are organised beneath the forest in a claustrophobic space moderated by an entity known as 'm.' The entity is said to frequently capture and store children. And that it's also fond of leaves; hence it chooses to operate beneath the forest.

Actual History

Several of Godville's prehistoric battles have occurred in or around the B-Trees Forest, and archaeologists from the Beerburgh Community College have received permission to begin a test-pit survey in the northeast quadrant during the next dig season. The test pits will range near the stele of Chief Katarg, which has been partially translated as a commemoration of a battle, and a subsequent marriage alliance between the chief's clan and Clan Ian, so nature tourists are advised to visit the site before the ground is disturbed, and history tourists after.


It is sensible to avoid going anywhere near this deadly place! For much of its danger has been recorded from a fallen hero's diary, found at the forest perimeter.

Notes and References