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| worn = Arms
| worn = Arms
| description = Big, hairy, clawed, glove-like things.
| description = Big, hairy, clawed, glove-like things.
| durability = +23, or so they say.
| durability = +71 to +83

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Equipment of Godville
Awkward paws
Worn 💪Arms
Durability +71 to +83
Description Big, hairy, clawed, glove-like things.

Although Godville has a moderate climate, every so often its residents do suffer a cold snap.

It's during such bitter weather that the well-prepared heroine dons her awkward paws.


Not to be confused with mittens, the awkward paws are a type of furred glove made from the hollowed-out paws of genuine (and, we assume, dead) monsters. They come complete with the original sharp claws and/or talons intact, and are typically very warm indeed. However, as most monsters lack an opposable thumb, this means that the heroine loses a certain amount of dexterity when wearing this garment.

As most heroines aren't too bright, they often forget that they're wearing awkward paws, and may lose a nose or ear when absent-mindedly scratching an itch. In fact, some say that a really good pair of awkward paws may claim more lives after death than they did when still attached to their original owner.


Some of the smaller heroines find that their outsized awkward paws frequently fall off. One solution is to thread the paws together with a bit of string (or sinew or monster intestine), then run the string through the arms of the shirt or other body equipment so that they can't be lost.

This gambit, the brainchild of a great politician and military general of Godville's distant past, is known as the Caesural paws.

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