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The autocarrot is probably one of the least used artifacts in Godville. This mechanical carrot was brought into existence as a mistake. The artifact was originally going to be called autocorrect, but unfortunately the name was auto corrected into autocarrot. No one really knows what autocarrots can be used for. Some heroes speculate an autocarrot can system reboot mechanical devices, other heroes really don't care. Traders are eager to buy and stockpile autocarrots for the future cyborg bunny supreme overlord uprising, which is expected to cause bunnys to hip and hop over the world destroying everything in their paths. It is assumed autocarrots are found by defeating monsters, but they seem to just appear in heroes possession without reason.

Examples I just killed a fluffalufugus and it dropped an autocarrot, that's cool I guess.

When I went to trade my aut carrot the merchant excitedly said, "Yes! Now I certainly won't be pounced on by ravenous cyborg bunnys." Almighty, Should I be concerned?