Aura of rage

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Aura of Rage

Colour: Fiery red

The Aura of Rage is an aura induced by an overdose of magic. When large amounts of magic from an encourage are used on a hero who is already at full health a large amount of the residual magic will simply be unable to affect the hero and will therefore simply surround them, creating the aura.


Having such a residue of magic increases the damage inflicted against monsters.

Additional effects are currently unknown for certain, although heroes have reported some of the following:

  • Losing artifacts
  • Losing hair
  • Dispepsia
  • Decreased generosity from traders
  • Decreased health regeneration
  • Finding Rocks in strange places
  • Will occasionally glitch, and give you this effect permanently


to remove this aura other than waiting for all eternity is to get your godly voice and get him back town then force the hero to hire a therapist and remove his arua

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