Aura of pacifism

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Auras of Godville
Aura of pacifism
Go in peace
Effect The Hero's quest is temporarily less thrilling
Colour Blue, White, & Pale Yellow

The Aura of Pacifism is a common aura gained by heroes who are not too intelligent. As its name would imply, it improves the heroes' relationship with anyone, or thing, that they may happen to meet. It greatly reduces the chance that a hero meets a monster in battle and even if by chance they do end up fighting for their lives, the hero is unable to lose much health. Such powers makes this aura greatly valued. This aura is colored mostly blue, continually throwing off white and occasionally yellow sparkles which decrease in number as the aura starts to leech away into the environment. Intense meditation tends to lengthen the aura but not as much as most heroes would like.

This aura also improves gold gained from trading. Normal items can sell easily for 200-300 gold coins, and bold items can sell for over a thousand coins.

Since a hero with an aura of pacifism will rarely fight monsters, the hero can focus more attention on completing the current quest. Accordingly, heroes have been known to experience quest progress two to three times faster than usual with an aura of pacifism.

To maximize the benefit from an aura of pacifism, simply leave the hero alone. Don't send the hero to the arena, the dungeon, a sparring fight, or other tasks that may distract the hero. Let the hero complete the current quest. The faster a hero quests, the closer the hero gets to being assigned an epic quest, and being rewarded with lots of gold bricks or gopher wood.

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