Aura of confusion

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Auras of Godville
Aura of confusion
Effect Annoyingly difficult to read diary entries
Colour Deep Blue

This Aura, unlike most, is caused by a curse that is put on your hero/heroine by a dying monster. While under this aura's influence, the affected hero/heroine writes every entry backwards.

It will wear off by itself after an hour or fifteen minutes, depending on the strength of the monster. A God may take pity on their stricken Hero and may be able to cure this aura by encouraging them.

So, a little Praise or maybe a few Lightning Bolts to the head, but best of all is back to the tavern for a few refreshing ales to try to mitigate the circumstances.

How does a Hero obtain an Aura of Confusion?

The Aura of Confusion is a curse caused by a monster the hero(ine) just killed:

!Hero's Diary
20:54 With its dying breath, the Presidential Seal caused me a severe confusion aura and died. Oh no...

The Aura of Confusion makes your hero feel dumb and insecure about themselves:

!Hero's Diary
21:08 Darned aura of confusion is finally over. Good that I don’t have to feel that stupid anymore.

As we can learn from these two Diary Entries, the time a hero is stuck with the Aura of Confusion is very short; only 14 to 15 minutes.

The annoying part...

What makes this aura a real annoyance to your hero(ine) is the fact that he/she won't be able to write normal diary entries anymore.

The diary will show text that looks like this:

!Hero's Diary

Notice how the writing is not only capitalized, but also writes the R as an Я, the N as an И and the Y as a У.

Other ways that the hero(ine) might write with the Aura of Confusion is with everything spelled backwards:

!Hero's Diary
07:18 .'dessecorp gnieb si mialc ecnarusni efil ruoY' :daer taht tnemhcrap llams a gnihctulc oreh nials a nopu delbmutS

Or with a mix of capitalisation:

!Hero's Diary
04:57 NOthInG LIVEs In tHeSE stILl WaTers. BeTtER TRY SoMe OTHeR pLAcE neXT TIme.

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