Aura of censorship

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Examples of Aura effects

!Hero's Diary
10:33 AM Theoretically, I should have won that <questionable>. Practically, the result was different. And <provocative>.

!Hero's Diary
10:20 Suddenly found myself completely healthy, standing in the arena. No doubt the <questionable> One <provocative> me to kick somebody's butt!

!Hero's Diary
10:20 I worked my hardest on this, but it really seems to be just like the original. Finally completed my quest to make a prequel to a sequel. Got some experience and a golden brick after a long, <questionable> cutscene.

!Hero's Diary
10:18 Took a heavy blow to the head with consummate ease. For some reason, monsters seem to be under the impression that this part of me is <censored>.

!Hero's Diary
10:16 Killed the Mortal Wombat and achieved my ultimate <censored>. That is if my ultimate <censored> was owning 19 gold coins.

In addition to these types of diary entries, there is a chance that the quest itself will become censored. The quest name shows up as <Censored>. It is unknown at this time whether completing a censored quest has the same consequences as one that is not (i.e. change of guild, epic quest, etc.) or if this merely changes the quest altogether.

Hero gaining the aura

Here is an example of the hero acquiring the aura:

!Hero's Diary
07:08 PM A Censoring Labracadabrador suddenly jumped out of the nearby forest shouting “I don't bite — or do I?”

!Hero's Diary
07:11 PM A giggling Censoring Labracadabrador cursed me when I turned my back and I felt a horror of <censored>.

!Hero's Diary
13:24 Met a Censoring Hobo-Cop who was not in battle with a hero. Proceeded onwards to correct the problem.

!Hero's Diary
13:27 A giggling <questionable> cursed me when I turned my back and I felt a horror of <censored>.

After the aura wears off, the hero is bestowed with a reward (e.g., gold bricks, gold coins), although this is not always the case.

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