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==Examples of Aura effects==
#REDIRECT [[Aura of overcensorship]]
{{diary | text = 10:33 AM Theoretically, I should have won that <questionable>. Practically, the result was different. And <provocative>.}}
{{diary | text = 10:20 Suddenly found myself completely healthy, standing in the arena. No doubt the <questionable> One <provocative> me to kick somebody's butt!}}
{{diary | text = 10:20 I worked my hardest on this, but it really seems to be just like the original.
Finally completed my quest to make a prequel to a sequel. Got some experience and a golden brick after a long, <questionable> cutscene.}}
{{diary | text = 10:18 Took a heavy blow to the head with consummate ease. For some reason, monsters seem to be under the impression that this part of me is <censored>.}}
{{diary | text= 10:16 Killed the Mortal Wombat and achieved my ultimate <censored>. That is if my ultimate <censored> was owning 19 gold coins.}}
In addition to these types of diary entries, there is a chance that the quest itself will become censored.  The quest name shows up as <Censored>.  It is unknown at this time whether completing a censored quest has the same consequences as one that is not (i.e. change of guild, epic quest, etc.) or if this merely changes the quest altogether.
== Hero gaining the aura==
Here is an example of the hero acquiring the aura:
{{diary | text = 07:08 PM A Censoring Labracadabrador suddenly jumped out of the nearby forest shouting “I don't bite — or do I?”}}
{{diary | text = 07:11 PM A giggling Censoring Labracadabrador cursed me when I turned my back and I felt a horror of <censored>.}}
{{diary | text = 13:24 Met a Censoring Hobo-Cop who was not in battle with a hero. Proceeded onwards to correct the problem.}}
{{diary | text = 13:27 A giggling <questionable> cursed me when I turned my back and I felt a horror of <censored>.}}
After the aura wears off, the hero is bestowed with a reward (e.g., gold bricks, gold coins), although this is not always the case.

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