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The aura of censorship guards the hero against nasty words that would be detrimental to his/her morals.
#REDIRECT [[Aura of overcensorship]]
(Ps some info here: mine was gained mid fight against a Broadbandit and it censors certain words, replacing them with <questionable> or <provocative> etc. Lasted 3hr 40min
some more info: got mine like this (lasting 5 hr 10 min):
13:24 Met a Censoring Hobo-Cop who was not in battle with a hero. Proceeded onwards to correct the problem.
13:27 A giggling <questionable> cursed me when I turned my back and I felt a horror of <censored>.
10:33 AM Theoretically, I should have won that <questionable>. Practically, the result was different. And <provocative>.

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