Aura of baiting

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Aura of baiting

Color: Dark blue

The Aura of Baiting is prized throughout Godville for its lovely dark blue color. It is often thought to be the color of a calm lake, and it has the same effect on heroes as a calm lake. A side effect of this is that they set out to fish more often, and their improved patience helps them get better items from fishing.

This aura is especially helpful for heroes with arks, as one of the principal ways of catching animals to fill their arks is fishing!

The only downside of this aura is that, as always, heroes are in favor of annoying their gods above all else and will likely throw in lots of precious artifacts, such as activatable ones. Heroes especially love to do this just when a god's finger is hovering over the use button as they know that the god is unlikely to interrupt a hero's fishing expedition in hopes the hero catches something useful, and by the time the hero is done fishing, the god has forgotten about the artifact! Hope that your hero gets a gold brick instead!

Historical Notes

On February 26, 2016, the aura that helped a hero find special monsters and the monsters wanted by the Godville Times, previously known as the aura of baiting, was renamed to the aura of trail.

Surprisingly, not a single hero took umbrage with this change, except for two heroes that had the aura of baiting at the time of the change and couldn't figure out whether they had the new Aura of Baiting or the old one.

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