Auntie Virus

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The Auntie Virus is a magical auntie that got enchanted by a witch.

Monsters of Godville
Auntie Virus
Class Humanoid
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown


She was just a normal woman before that one, special day when she decided to go to the store to buy some cheese for her nieces and nephews. Sadly, the owner of the shop was ill, so she decided to ask her sister to replace her. This sister was a witch with a lot of important witch bussiness to do but left it all for tommorow to help her sister. The witch was still grumpy after all.

Auntie Virus was the 25ft client on this suprisingly busy day. She went stright to the shopkeeper and asked for cheese. The witch told her that there was no cheese left and that made Auntie Virus mad with rage. She started ranting, screaming and ended up throwing such a scandal that the witch got mad, too. After an hour of uncontrollable shouting the shopkeeper went so out of control that she cursed Auntie Virus with a death curse. Or at least she tried. Instead she casted a virus spell that allows the so-called victim to give anyone whatever illness they want, as long as it is caused by viruses. The old woman found that by asking the eitch about what just happened. Then she procided to murder her with an illness that makes her skin spontaneously combust. It’s incubation period is only 30 seconds so before the witch knew about it she was lit up and turned into ashes

When Auntie Virus came back home to her nieces and nephews she told them that there was no cheese in the shop but they do not need it because she could make them sandwiches. They answered that they wanted cheese and got very angry, telling her that they do not love her and wish she was never born. That angered Auntie Virus so much that she decided to just kill them all. To the first one she gave a disease that makes you bleed to death, to the second one she gave an illness that changes the composition of your skin to react with the surrounding air like it’s an acid, and to the third one she gave a disease that makes you feel so sad that you kill yourself.

Today Auntie Virus is known as one of the most lethal monsters in Godville. Also one of the most powerful and feared by people, heroes, monsters and even gods.