Atomic Kitten

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Monsters of Godville
Atomic Kitten
atomic kitten.jpg
Class Volatile Feline
Habitat grassy knolls and wild bushes
Health unknown
Totem for I AM ⚜️ 
Description A small temperamental trickster

The Atomic Kitten (Atomicus Felinus "Atomic Feline") is one of the most, if not the most, explosive and radioactive monster in Godville. This small and cute furball looks just like any normal kitten, except for it's eyes that has mutated into atomic symbols that warn predators of its' bombshell nature. However, the rest of the Atomic Kittens' physical appearance serves as a trap to lure helpless victims, be it other monsters or heroes, and turns them into mindless slaves that fulfills its' every whim and to assert its' dominance over other beings.


Once there was a genius scientist who decided he hated the world and invented the very first atomic bomb in Godville. When the brave heroes of Godville heard what the scientist has done, they confronted him and told him that the world hated him too. The scientist was so distraught he died of grief right there and then. The heroes celebrated their victory and went to the closest tavern they could find, completely forgetting about the atomic bomb they left standing and ready to launch in the middle of the town.

Years passed, the heroes continued their conquests, Monsters continued their dinners and the gods continued their encouragements and punishments. Everyone forgot about the scientist and the atomic bomb he built. Until one devastating day when a simple alley cat decided to strut around the atomic bomb, looking for anything to feed itself. The bomb was leaking, and the cat found the liquid to be delicious. Everyday she comes back to it to drink the liquid, not knowing that it was slowly changing her into something different. The cat got sick and right before death, she gave birth to a litter of kittens with atomic symbols for eyes. Thus, the Atomic Kitten was born.

Biology, Habitats and Behavior


Their physical appearance is very similar to a typical alley cat, except for the yellow atomic eyes. However that is where their similarities end. Studies show that Atomic Kittens have large amounts of uranium particles in their blood. Their hearts have double the heart rate of a normal alley cat and are found to have a plutonium core. Their digestive system has a higher metabolic rate and they do not excrete any waste.

Their diet consists of anything that emits radiation. An Atomic Kitten can survive without food for a few days as long as they remain under the sun where natural radiation occurs. Their biology shows they have no need for water. In fact, water hinders their digestion.

An atomic kitten never grows to be an atomic cat. Once they hit puberty, the radiation in their body becomes so great, that the uranium particles and plutonium core will activate an atomic explosion that will consume everything in the immediate area. No atomic kitten has ever been recorded to reach adulthood.

As for reproduction, Atomic Kittens have no ability whatsoever to create life. The organic aspects of reproduction was completely removed when they mutated. However, this does not hinder them from adding to their numbers. Once an atomic kitten explodes, the organic matter will have an automatic reaction and bond with the surrounding particles that only takes about 1-3 seconds. Adding to this the radiation and the debris from the explosion, another litter of atomic kittens are born. This new litter will consume all remaining radiation and debris from the surrounding area, hence why no body is ever recovered from the death of an atomic kitten.


Atomic Kittens, like any normal cat, likes grass. They tend to stay in grassy knolls where the sun is high and natural radiation can occur. In rare cases, they can be seen near places with natural hot springs, desserts near transform faults and near erupting volcanoes. But because these places have little to no grass at all, only a few Atomic Kittens make it their homes.

They hate forests, undergound caves, houses, or anywhere where they sun doesn't shine. Low altitude and cold places also hinders their digestion. They also hate places with a lot of water, snow and rain.


Atomic Kittens are solitary beings. They tend to keep to themselves, especially when they're in a bad mood. They like to sleep, eat and laze around all day, similar to other cats. They see themselves as gods, superior to other beings. They are manipulative creatures, capable of making anyone, even the greatest of heroes, their mindless slaves. They will make themselves look innocent, give empty promises and take everything you have, including your soul. They don't discriminate between monsters and heroes. If you're not an atomic kitten, you're fair play. For this reason, other monsters also hate them.

A surprised atomic kitten

Atomic Kittens are sociable only with their own kind. They tend to stick together when fighting predators and hunting preys. Every Atomic Kitten thinks they should be the alpha and so, they don't have one. The ones with the most slaves are considered to be the strongest among them and is considered royalty by other atomic kittens.

Despite this cruel and terrible nature, atomic kittens have strong maternal instincts. When they see a litter of newly mutated atomic kittens, they tend to care for them as their own, teaching them the ways of their kind and how to subdue other creatures.

Emotions have a very unique affect on them. Any strong emotion that can make their heart race puts them at a risk of exploding prematurely. Once, a hero surprised a sleeping atomic kitten. The startled kitten wasn't able to get a hold of its emotion once it saw the hero and exploded right there and then. Luckily the hero's god was looking on and resurrected him promptly. An atomic kittens' eyes also change into spinning atoms when they are feeling any strong emotion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Atomic Kittens have a wide range of abilities. Some of them they know how to use, while others can be easily exploited.


  • Can emit harmful radiation within a 50-meter radius.
  • Can detect a heat source within a 1-mile radius using ultra-sensitive senses
  • Hunts with other Atomic Kittens. There is strength in numbers
  • Direct eye contact will make anyone a mindless slave to it
  • Once activated, can detonate within 2 seconds


  • Scared of water, cucumbers, some fruits, and noisy machines
  • Easily distracted with a ball, flashlight, yarn or any shiny thing
  • When feeling too sleepy or lazy, will ignore all danger
  • Petting it or feeding it will give you enough time to run away
  • A newly mutated atomic kitten can be killed without risk of explodsion