Atheist Mantis

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Monsters of Godville
Atheist Mantis
atheus mantis
Habitat Forest, Backyards, Gardens, Parks
Description Identical to a mantis religiosa, but a lot more pessimistic

The Atheist Mantis (atheus mantis) is a, you guessed right, a mantis. In contrast of his twin, the mantis religiosa, an atheist mantis does not hold his forelegs in a praying postion, but the way his anatomy let him hold, which is in a praying position.


The Atheist Mantis, as strange it may sound, was a quite catholic being. Descendant of a broken family, he joined the church in a very early stage of his life, promising to himself that she would never eat his future husband.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Small but fast, Heroes are warned to look out their private places, since the many incidents of Heroes losing their sword.