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Taverns of Godville
At the Dragon
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At the Dragon is a tavern in Godville. It has sometimes appeared in the newspaper, quite as much as heroines appear at its doorstep.


It has been described as a wooden two story building with torches on the walls, a dark oak door, and three windows which seem to always be closed. The interior is barely lit and smells like old beer and cheap food. It is known to accept monsters and heroes alike, as long as they pay the bill!


The tavern is known for its rather obscure location, no one seems to remember where it is located exactly. It is a known hangout for Aimless Archers when they are not hopelessly searching for their eyes.


The Rumor Mill will pay handsomely for any information regarding this tavern, wether it is their whereabouts, specifics or patrons. Whatever you find out, bring it to us only. We pay well to all our confidents.

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!Hero's Diary
The “At the Dragon” tavern invites you to a party featuring a delicious dinner. Please leave your armor and weapon at the entrance.

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