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Motto: Don't Mess with Crazy
Town with Greatest Influence: 0 (unspecified%)
Guild Page: Asylum 

About Asylum

We want to teach you how to build your temple quickly, use the arena to fit your needs, and once your temple is finished play in the dungeons!!

Because playing a ZPG game like an RPG take someone truly crazy.

We accept everyone from Chaotic Neutral to True Good... Just no kicking kitties..

Debbie does Chicklets: No chaotic evil? I mean, what sort of asylum wouldn't admit the joker?

Fine fine fine, From Chaotic Evil to Pure Good..

DANgerzone79: But - what if its an EVIL Kitty??

Well I guess if it was a really MEAN kitty.. or what if it hand fangs or claws or what if it was omg PURRING at you!!!!

Kayl: *lurks* *corrects all of Keleios spelling, AGAIN*

In the Begining

At one point Asylum was created by our original founding members, Cinisi and K0EK. But the Sane took over...

Keleios, Kayl, Great Apollo and Christian the Divine chewed their way out of a dungeon, into the Asylum. They decided to stay. Because... We are not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with us!!!

The Inmates Running the Asylum


To Officially Join

If your reading this we know you are already with us in spirit. To make your hero join us, send the voice:

   Join "Asylum" guild

Send the voice while not in town, and not fighting a monster. It may take a few tries!

Should your hero be sane enough to try to leave us, send a voice "Cancel Quest".

The Mental Ward (AKA Arena 101)

More to come. We are working on this under the bathroom carpet.

Arena Annoncing

We prefer to dominate the Sane out there, and no need to match ourselves. We want to present a strong front to others. In order to do so we "annonce" in Guild Chat. You will see "Temple In (T IN) or Non Temple In (NT in). once the person matches, post the word Matched.

Annoncing is required for all of the Insane, and strongly requested for everyone else.

There are some truly sane people out there that may stalk others. If you think you are being stalked msg an officer!

But.. wait.. omg you accidently matched a cell mate!! All is fair in the arena at this point. You can choose to fight each other, (prefered) or do a afk match (let TGR decided). In the end thought, stuff happens. Shake hands, and go pop some bubble wrap

Temple Building - Non-Payer Arena style

For the arena player who doesn't want to spend charges, there are three ways to play. First is a pure afk, send and forget. Second is to send two punishes (or a punish and an encourage) as soon as possible in the match, then let it go afk. Third is my favorite, the possum!

To possum a fight is to do nothing at first, looking like an afk until the last moment when you attack. Possuming requires time and attention, but it will get you more wins than if you simply send afk. The method is simple, wait until your opponent is under 40% health before you attack. Watching the attack turns, send your first punish on your opponents turn, then follow with your second punish on your attack turn. This will maximise the damage of the final attack, so even if they react to the first attack and try to heal, you will still do damage and possibly steal the win. And don't forget vc's! During the match, you might randomly get some bonus GP. Use it to send attack vc's along with your punishes!

Do not close or logout when you see the other player attack right away! They could be using the second method described above and only use 2 influences. If you do not respond right away, they might think you are afk and be lured to sleep, while you wait with a little maniacal laugh, watching the hero's health tick away. In this case, you also need to watch your own health, as you'll need to get your attacks in before you're killed.

Of course there are exceptions...

  • Restore GP match: start attacking right away since they are giving you GP every turn anyway.
  • Two action limit match: if they attack, send a defend vc on the next turn. If you're successful (or even better, they get a backfire) then they are action locked until you attack. Most likely they will use vc's, so use as many as you can but keep 25% for a single late punish since they cannot counter it.
  • Three Bricks to the winner: This is up to you as the player to decide if you want to spend a couple charges to get the bonus bricks. You can still play it like a possum, but restoring a charge after your attacks just in case your opponent reacts and you can't kill them with just the two punishes.

Temple Building 101

Get 3000 coins. Melt a brick. Repeat. More to come

Dungeons 101

Get a temple, send to dungeon. Get wood. More to come

The Voices In Your Head

Why you should make an alt or two early!!

Healing Your Pet

Healing your pet can be a massive task, especially if you want that extra bonus for healing within 10 hours of being knocked out. Luckily, a range of strategies have been developed over time, just for this task! Note that there are more general strategies available and can be found here.

In general, the goal is to have enough money while in the prayer stage of a town trip. This comes after healing, selling and wasting. The most needed for a pet res is 450 gold per level of the pet. So a level 20 pet will need at most 9000 gold - but remember this is after wasting.


Getting enough gold to resurrect your pet can be difficult without a temple. There are a couple of strategies that may help though - just remember not to encourage or punish when you have more than 3000 gold, else you may just turn it into a golden brick!

Strategy One - Dig Bosses

Dig bosses are an easy way for your hero to get lots of gold quickly. Using one of the dig keywords you can try to make your hero dig up a boss for you to fight. Keep yourself alive, and you will get a big hit of gold and items to hopefully go towards your pet. Once you have enough gold (remember not to melt it, no matter how tempting it may be) you have a number of options:

  1. Arena - outlined below
  2. Force back to town, avoiding the high-waste towns (ask in guild for details)
  3. Go back to Godville at the end of a quest making sure your health is red and you will not waste

Strategy Two - Arena

This is a fairly high-risk strategy if you are not already used to the arena. On the plus side it is nice and easy - if you already have enough gold, or want to try and match someone to bring your total up enough (you can ask around to see if anyone might be willing to help, though do not expect others to give up) just hit the arena and win the match - you will not waste. So if you have enough gold coming out of the fight, you are guaranteed a healed pet - though you may want to give them a wash to get the smell off (Note: Do not tumble dry).


Healing a pet is fairly straightforward for a templed players - just be aware your pet can get much bigger! Templed players do not have to worry about melting bricks, and often as not are already carrying around a few thousand gold - if you think it is enough, just try to head back to a low-waste town, or finish your quest in red health and you will not waste. While your pet is down, you will also not convert coins into experience at your temple.

If you don't have enough gold, you get an extra option to pick it up - dungeons!

Strategy One - Dungeon

As well as an easy source of gold, you can use dungeons for an almost-certain way of bringing back a pet. All you have to do is send into a dungeon while praying and if you come out with enough gold, you will resurrect your pet! Your chances are even better if you go with some actives so you do not have to worry about hitting bosses - ideally with someone who sent just before you, and someone that sent just after, so no matter how the group may get split, you get an active. Just ask in guild chat, and you will surely find lots of others willing to help out.

If you do not send to dungeon while you are in town, you can send back after to a low-waste town, finish your quest in red health or hit the arena.

Strategy Two - Arena

Just the same as non-templed, you can hit the arena to try to get enough gold, or when you already have enough and do not want to waste. Keep in mind templed arena is high-risk, especially if you are not already practiced. If you do not get enough after your match, you can still dungeon and you will not waste - this can be a good method for the very high level pets.