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Monsters of Godville
Argonauta astro
Astronautilus and The Moon.jpg
Class Semi-Earthic Alien
Habitat Qu'tox Ocean (young), Outer Space (adult)
Death Rattle My Lego!
Totem for Lego My Argo ⚜️ 
Description Alien Paper Nautilus, very attracted to the Moon.

The Astronautilus (Argonauta astro) is a non-tameable semi-earthic monster that is obsessed with the Moon. The astronautilus are very skilled builders, and the young loves building replicas of the Moon. They refer to building anything as building "Lego". The adult will (or at least try to) move to outer space. These sea-hatched monsters are allergic to air. They are shoaling creatures.

Some young females are known as the humongous sea monster that terrorized many ships that passes Qu'tox Ocean in attempt to collect more material for their Moon Lego. Young males are hunted to make a famous delicacy exclusive to Los Adminos. This dish is usually served as accompaniment to beer. While the adult males are often found roaming the entire realm wearing leaky space-suit filled with water, seeking ways to perfect their suits and prepare themselves for journey to outer space. Some gave up and can be found frequenting bars all over Godville except Los Adminos.


The shell of an astronautilus is very similar to that of an egg. Astronautilus exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism in size and lifespan. Females grow up to 10000 km and make shells up to 30000 km, while males rarely surpass 2 m. The males lack the dorsal tentacles used by the females to create their eggcases, therefore remain shell-less their whole life.

Female Astronautilus

Once the female astronautilus reach their rebellious phase, they are big enough to leave their childhood home and climb up the Yggdrasil in two smooth pull of tentacles, off to outer space and finally fulfilling their dream of touching the Moon.

Occasionally, for unknown reason (probably reverse-rebellion) a female does not climb up to outer space. The female's growth will be stunted, its lifespan reduced to that of a male astronautilus, and it would be sterilized. Losing their dream and unable to mate, such female goes down in history as notorious shipwrecker who hates males of any species.

Male Astronautilus in the space-suit it made.

Male Astronautilus

The males aren't so lucky. Their small body means they can't move fast enough and will dry out before they could even reach the Yggdrasil. Therefore, upon reaching adolescent the males will start to engineer their "space-suit" meant to get them safely through land, all the way up the Yggdrasil to outer space. They will try to steal material from anyone, including a heroine.

Male Astronautilus travel in groups that likes to shout random things. Some heroine mistook them for a cult and steer away, or try to join if they have had enough of their God.

Occasionally a desperate male will eat the beaten heroine. Having low resistance to alchohol, it instantly becomes a chronic alcoholic.


The males only mate once in their short lifetime, whereas the females are iteroparous, capable of having offspring many times over the course of their lives. In addition, the females have been known since ancient times, while the males were only described in the late 19th century. The males use a modified arm, the hectocotylus, to transfer sperm to the female. For fertilization, the male rips off its arm and throw it to the unsuspecting females, usually screaming "Love yourself!"

The hectocotylus then wriggle its way to the female's shell and attach itself to the female's body, taking in nutrient and keeping the sperms alive for centuries. When occasionally the hectocotylus wriggle part of its length out of the shell, alien biologists initially wrote it down as parasitic worm. Once every century the female fertilizes herself and her eggs will fall to Earth. Earth dwellers describe this event as meteor shower. The eggs that reach the Qu'tox Ocean will hatch into tiny astronautilus. Because of limited space and resource, there's only one female astronautilus hatchling in every batch.


One hundred years ago, a homeless boy in the only habitated island of the legendary Sacred Archipelago where all other inhabitants were female, caught a shelled octopus. The creature pleaded with its red, fishy, watery eyes. Seeing the ancient intelligence in those eyes, the boy decided to forgo dinner by letting it back to the sea. Amazingly, the next day a house rose up from the sea. The shelled octopus had built him a house above water line as a token of gratitude. He then adopted it and named it "Argo". He introduced Lego bricks to Argo and it spent day and night building extremely complex Lego art without the help of Legoiser. Twenty years later, Argo grew into a humongous creature.

The Lego bricks became too small for Argo. It began to reach for nearby houses and break them apart only to build something new. Because of the incredible architecture and tools (all in the shape of the Moon) created by Argo improved the islanders' life tremendously, the locals began to worship it. Jealous deities were enraged and asked the heroes to do something; the cowardly heroes decided to band together because they were afraid of Argo's size. Twenty heroes set out on a ship to smite Argo in the name of their respective deities. Miraculously, the heroes were sober enough to not get lost at the sea. They still prostated in fear and begged for mercy at the sight of the sea monster, though. Some even converted on the spot to worship Argo.

Argo did not care. All it saw was a new material for her next masterpiece. Argo lifted the ship and was about to wrench it into two, but its friend the homeless boy--now a homemore man--was horrified at the imminent violation of Rule 47. Attacks against Persons Hors de Combat[1]. He shouted at Argo, "LET GO, MY ARGO!"

Thinking it was the holy prayer to Goddess Argo, the twenty heroes who were hard of hearing thanks to the screams of enraged deities and the panicking voices in their heads, attempted to appease the beast by screaming, "LEGO MY ARGO!"

There were several different accounts of how this situation ends, however, the heroes ended up surviving. They married the islanders and continued worshipping Argo, even long after Argo ascended to the sky. The descendants are called Argonauts (sailors of Argo). They can be recognized easily as the drunks who shouts "LEGO MY ARGO". The island became known as Argo Island with astronautilus as its holy animal, and currently is the original and main manufacturer of Golden LEGO brick.

Because of Argo's influence, it becomes the norm for Earth-dwelling Astronautilus to refer to any 'material' as "Lego".

Fighting Style

At Sea

Female Astronautilus often tore apart a ship before anyone could do anything. Male Astronautilus will pull sailors to the depth of the sea.

On Land

Female Astronautilus would move out of Earth so fast and not bother with anything. Male Astronautilus might try to steal 'Lego' from the heroine, but their water-logged space-suits make them wobble awkwardly and very slow. How they attack:

  • Latching onto the opponent with the suckers in their tentacle. The heroine might exercise a futile attempt to get the tentacles off their faces, constantly losing grip on the slippery tentacle. Some heroine died out of dehydration from excessive crying in disgust--not knowing that their tears were what kept the offending tentacles from drying out.
  • There has been a recorded case of a more intelligent male Astronautilus using its argonauts worshipper to steal Legos.
  • Occasionally an alcoholic male Astronautilus will invite the heroine to get drunk together, then drunkenly sob about its sad story of needing to chase its mate to the sky. Being fellow lonely drunkard, the heroine might sympathize with it and give out some artifacts. This is not a premeditated attack, however it is still costly for the heroine.
  • The most dangerous is the shoal of male Astronautilus that vowed to get revenge for the baby male astronautilus that had been made into food. These monsters have forsaken their initial goal of going to outer space and now use all their engineering skill to make and utilize all sort of weapons to hunt down cruel humans. Heroine whose guild has a lot of influence in Los Adminos should beware.



  • Very strong suckers
  • A lot of tentacles
  • Their eyes are watery and pity-inducing
  • Slippery skin, impossible to grab
  • Excellent engineering skills
  • Worshipped by the Argonauts


  • Allergic to air, easily dries out
  • Gets distracted if you give it something and say that it's a 'Lego'
  • Becomes alcoholic with a touch of beer
  • Cries at the sight of Los Adminos's renowned Astronautilus dish
  • Males are awkward and slow on land
  • Often their space-suit can get broken easily