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* An empty inhaler
* An empty inhaler
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Strong Monsters of Godville
Asthmatic Dragon
Draconis asthmaticus
Strong Monster
Class Dragon
Habitat Anywhere not too hot, but not too cold
Description May need to take a breather during battle

The Asthmatic Dragon (Draconis asthmaticus) is a very worthy opponent and is not one to be trifled with. Even though he is asthmatic, he still has a very powerful breath, often followed by a cough that can knock anyone unconscious from the smell. It's often found near caves, active volcanos and other rocky areas. Occasionally, it'll need to use an inhaler. This is either an opening for an attack or an escape, depending on how the fight is going.



  • Powerful, bad breath
  • Large wingspan to gather fresh air to itself when needed
  • Can blend into most environments, except for its wheezing


  • Loves updating MonsterBook status, leaving openings for the hero to run or fight
  • Smoke from fire often exacerbates its asthma
  • An empty inhaler
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