Ash Corde

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Ash Corde
Champion of the God: The Darkholder
Personality: Virtuous
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Motto: My stuff is flammable!
Guild: The Writers
Guild Rank: Recruit
Guild Position: Existing
Wins / Losses: 0 / 3
Temple Completion Date: Not Yet
Pet Type: Not Yet
Pet Name: Nobody
Pet Level: 0
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: None in particular
Largest Ever Gold: Variable
Most Hated Monster: Generic Enemy
Personal Rival: Most people

Ash Corde, unlike most people, started her adventures in her third reincarnation. Reincarnated blind and told to kill heroes, she set out west, coming across the Void cave. Once she'd escaped, she found the goddess PogoPogo, but was quickly abandoned by her. Unaware that her Goddess had left her, Ash travelled in search of answers, and instead found the Void once more. In the Void, Ash met the Darkholder, who possessed her for several years before fading out of Ash's knowledge. Ash then continued her search for her former Goddess, and came across a town filled with people who, like her, had been touched by the Void and shared their minds with its inhabitants. She was forced to return to the Void, where she finally learned that she had been abandoned. She allowed the Darkholder to take PogoPogo's place as her goddess, and set out to seek revenge against the people who had harmed her. It's rumored that she's headed north, to an unnamed town that she had previously visited.

For more detailed information, read her chronicles.