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Artifacts are items which a hero may find while out questing. Monsters usually carry them around and some even fall from the sky from time to time at the whim of the gods. Most are useless pieces of junk which not even a beggar would find tasteful, but a minority are ancient rarities, or advantageous potions. A list of artifacts the hero is currently carrying appears in their inventory. The hero will sell them all for gold when they next visit a town. That is their only use heroes know about but their clever gods know otherwise...

There is a plethora of special artifacts with special abilities. Most are very rare though:

Very rarely, when the hero is bored, by rummaging idly in his knapsack he may be able to combine a few artifacts into a single rare and expensive bold artifact. This is not the only surmise in store for heroes as one or two may decide to randomly disappear at times.

List of Artifacts

How to use

You can tell your hero to examine an artifact by putting its name in quotes in a Voice of god message, such as:

 examine "portable photon generator"

It's important to remember that your hero may not listen, so you might have to keep trying. If the hero chooses to listen, a variety of things could occur -- some beneficial, and some useless.

The possible outcomes are:

  • hero loses the artifact (breaks it, etc.)
  • hero loses the artifact but gets a different one instead
  • hero finds some money inside the artifact
  • hero finds another artifact inside the artifact
  • hero loses the artifact but gains Exp