Art Gecko

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Monsters of Godville
Art Gecko
Class Lizard
Habitat Cities, Mansions, Skycrapers
Description A gecko that is very extravagant.

Art Gecko is a lizard belonging to the Infraorder Gekkota. Unlike most of its relatives, it has extravagant Art Deco patterns all over its body.

Art Geckos generally live in skyscrapers and mansions where they can blend in to the expensive environment. However, they are not afraid of standing out at times as some have been known to cover their bodies in gold plating. This purpose of this behavior has been debated by scholars. Some think it is meant to attract mates and others think it is a form of intimidation.

The natural enemy of this lizard is the Hero. Heroes have been known to remove gold plating from Art Geckos after slaying them, which proves to be quite easy since they are not very strong. However, the Art Gecko will try to defend itself in the most extravagant or most expensive way possible. This can involve launching fireworks, throwing expensive items, using battle cries, and sometimes even taking things to the extreme. Rumor has it that an Art Gecko called an air-strike on a group of heroes. This just proves how vicious they can be when defending themselves.



  • Extravagant
  • Potentially dangerous given the right circumstances.


  • Relatively Weak
  • Overly Dramatic
  • Terrible at Camouflage